I always say that meditation is the best medication.

It’s an amazing way to re-centre yourself, tune into your body, clear out anything in your mind and ground yourself.

I personally love using meditation to start my day to help me visualise my clients and their fertility journeys as well as support my own energy field.

This meditation is perfect if you are feeling that your energy field needs clearing out. It will help improve your energy hygiene and leave you feeling more grounded, calm, at ease and peaceful.

Listen to the video below to enjoy this beautiful meditation.



About the Author

Fiona Boulton has been helping women and couple to have their healthy babies since 2007. Fiona also offers a bespoke meditation service.

If you would like a personalised healing meditation created just for you, book a Fertile Lifestyle Consult with Fiona or her team and they can support you, http://fertilelifestyleconsult.com/.

During this consultation, you will also learn step-by-step proven strategies that have helped many of our clients to achieve faster fertility success.