Grounding is a phenomenally powerful tool that aids healing and stress reduction. It is also a fantastic way to boost fertility! 

Creating life is the ultimate expression of birthing consciousness onto the planet. Fertility is sacred – it is holy and connected to God or Source. To be sacred is to be cherished, divine and spiritual – which is what all sentient beings are. 

How to know if you need to re-balance your energy
But how do you actually know if you need to re-balance your energy? One way to know is that you may feel uneasy or unsettled, usually due to nervous tension or anxiety running through your body, as there is a build-up of energy. When this happens it can be like a HUGE neon sign saying that you need to get back out in nature, take a break from my everyday life for a moment and reconnect back to this beautiful planet and your body again.

How to ground
A fast and easy way is to plant your feet in the sand or earth (a powerful grounding technique). Another way is to create space for some quiet time with Mother Earth (Gaia). In other words….. ‘BEING rather than Doing.’ Through this very act, you are able to discharge the overload of energy back into Mother Earth, where she can transmute it back into compost for the planet and re-energise you in exchange.

Can water help you ground?
I learnt that putting your feet into a body of water such as the ocean or river is a wonderful way to dispatch your positive codes to the planet, through her waterways. Today I invite you to spend 20 minutes out in nature just enjoying the fact that you are on this planet right now and appreciating the beauty that is always all around you.

For further assistance to help strengthen your fertility meditations, I also invite you to try these 10 grounding tips:


About the Author
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