Want to know how easy it is to know what is really going on inside of you?


Want to know if you are matching your spirit baby’s vibration so you can magnetically draw your baby to you?


When you take a look inside it will help you to ‘hit target’ of being able to give birth to your happy healthy baby (or babies) because it will highlight whether you are in alignment or you have come out of alignment. Equipped with this information, you will then come to know the steps to take to achieve your goal of creating new life.



Let’s ‘go within’ to create your fertile foundation in your mind, your heart and your womb.

Begin by imagining this situation –
You are outside enjoying a wonderfully delicious, hot cup of soup when someone comes along and bumps into you making you spill your soup, burn your skin and stain your outfit.
What happened when you spilt your soup?
Was it just the contents of soup that spilled out or did other things spill out of you too?
You see, whatever is inside your cup is what will spill out.
What are you like when life shakes you? What happens when people trigger you into a state of irritability? What spills out of you?
Do you keep your calm?
Are you able to hold a state of joy, gratefulness, peace and humility? 
Or are you quick to anger, feel bitter, lash out with harsh words and uncontrollable reactions?
Your level of response is a reflection of where you are on your fertility journey. This is because, how you do one thing is how you do everything.
Different relationships trigger you in different ways (especially when family dynamics are at play). Nevertheless, relationships help you to see what is really going on with you. The level of your response highlights whether you are ‘on track’ to receive abundance across all levels of your life, or whether you are slightly off track.

How does this relate so intrinsically to your fertility journey?

There is an energetic bond that bridges your heart and womb, so if you hold low level emotions it is also stored in your womb (your future baby’s bedroom). We are energy beings, we are hard wired for pleasure, so it is only natural that for you to draw your baby to you energetically then you need to release from the low level emotions that drain you and that your baby’s spirit is not a match.
I invite you to now be mindful when it comes to filling your cup up with gratitude, forgiveness, joy, words of affirmation, kindness, gentleness and love for yourself and others.

I have three easy ways you can create a fertile mind, heart and womb to draw your spirit baby to you:


STEP #1 Watch my top fertility meditation tip


STEP #2 How to ground through connecting to yourself and the planet


Keeping to the theme of listening to your body and coming back into energetic alignment with yourself (otherwise known as finding your centre), I would like to teach you how to re-balance your energy.

One way to know if you need to re-balance your energy, is that you may feel uneasy or unsettled, usually due to nervous tension or anxiety running through your body, as there is a build-up of energy.

When this happens it can be like a HUGE neon sign saying that you need to get back out in nature, take a break from my everyday life for a moment and re-connect back to this beautiful planet and your body again.

A fast and easy way is to plant your feet in the sand or earth (a powerful grounding technique). Another way is to create space for some quiet time with Mother Earth (Gaia).

In other words…..

‘BEING rather than Doing.’

Through this very act, you are able to discharge the overload of energy back into Mother Earth, where she can transmute it back into compost for the planet and re-energise you in exchange.

I learnt recently (from fellow healer Kristen Louise) that putting your feet into a body of water such as the ocean or river is a wonderful way to dispatch your positive codes to the planet, through her waterways.

Today I invite you to spend 20 minutes out in nature just enjoying the fact that you are on this planet right now and appreciating the beauty that is always all around you.



STEP #3 Take action – essentially this is a declaration to the universe of your own self-worth


Practice ‘being’ for 20 minutes, then go into a meditation, applying your favourite grounding tools and techniques.

This activity is aimed at learning to ‘listen’ and become ‘in tune’ with the messages from your body, so that we can be at greater peace within yourself, and when others ‘push your buttons.’


“First and foremost let’s celebrate how incredibly powerful you are! A master builder and creator of your own life.

Secondly, if you’re not valuing yourself, listening to yourself and ignoring your own needs, then your energy is consistently coming from a place of lack.

So how can you possibly create what you want in your life, if you aren’t even willing to give it to yourself first?”

~ Kristen Louise



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I would love to know how did it feel ‘being’ for 20 minutes?

How did your meditation go?

Do you feel more in control of your fertility journey now that you have moulded a more fertile mind, heart and womb?