The Awakening Fertility 30 Day Detox Challenge

Start 2021 off the best way you can: with Awakening Fertility’s 30 Day Fertility Reset!

Take your fertility to the next level with this detox and maximise your chances of having your happy, healthy baby in 2021.

Clear your mind and body of stress, toxins, and all the nasties that are negatively impacting your fertility with easy and enjoyable recipes, support strategies, meditations, breathing exercises (and so much more) that you have never tried before.

With our carefully constructed strategies and steps you will notice: – MORE ENERGY – MORE CONFIDENCE – MORE SELF WORTH – MORE READINESS – A NEWLY PRIMED BODY AND MIND Use our daily support and accountability formula to keep you motivated and create the cellular shift that you need to thrive.

Support and accountability will be offered daily within our private facebook group called Fertility Help + our weekly newsletters.

Let NOW be the time you end your suffering and become a Mum to your happy, healthy baby in 2021 which is accessible to everyone who has signed up to our newsletter and optional facebook group to enjoy the emotional support you need to succeed with this FREE to the 30 Day Fertility Detox.

It can be a real RESET: physically, mentally and emotionally.
Remember, when you take action, you can succeed.

We know that motivation can be difficult, so ensure you get the additional support within our group and our newsletter.

Not every detox is suitable for fertility, so join the Awakening Fertility 30 Day Detox and enjoy the results it’ll bring.

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Build your support base to keep you motivated

Ensure you have signed up to receive daily support and accountability within our private facebook group called Fertility Help + our weekly newsletters.


Prepare for the “Pre-Detox” week (the why and the how):
To get the most out of your detox, we recommend doing a pre-detox. This is where we ease you (mentally, emotionally and physically) to make small tweaks to your diet.
We recommend that during your Pre-detox week you cut out the following from your diet (which will improve your fertility, just by cutting them out for the next 5 weeks)
  1. Alcohol
    WHY –
    Firstly, it is a suppressant and we are trying to build you energy levels.
    Secondly, it is full of sugar and empty calories. Lastly, we are needing to improve the function of your liver (which processes up to 80% of your hormones) and alcohol impedes the liver’s function.
  2. Caffeine
    – Caffeine puts too much stress on your adrenal glands; your body’s batteries. Your adrenal glands need to function well as a requirement for hormonal balance and holding your pregnancy to full term.
  3. Dairy
    WHY –
    Dairy is inflammatory. Inflammation is one of the biggest issues contributing toward fertility issues.
    Watch this video for more info:
  4. Processed Foods
    WHY –
    Processed foods are
    Inflammation is one of the biggest issues contributing toward fertility issues. The closer the food is to its natural source the better.
    THINK –
    From a farm = good
    From a factory = not so good
  5. Sugar
    WHY –
    Sugar acts like razor blades for the body. It is a damp food and fertility requires warmth. Additionally sugary foods are inflammatory. Inflammation is one of the biggest issues contributing toward fertility issues.


Please watch this video: The Pre-Detox Guide


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Fertility Detox Day 1
Fertility Detox Day 2


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