Create Your Best Baby – With Clean Living


Did you know Essential Oils can be safe for fertility and pregnancy?

Maybe you have heard they are not?

It all comes down to quality. Essential oils that are 100% organic (meaning they do not have the hormone disrupting chemicals of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides) and that are of the highest grade (therapeutic grade) are pure plant based medicinal oils.


doTERRA is a safe essential oil to use (and this is explained by Tatyana Tavares) whom I have teamed up with to educate you about ways you can create your best baby through clean living.

Whether you are trying to conceive or trying to hold your pregnancy through to full term this video (first of my free ‘Create Your Best Baby’ mini-series) will teach you how you can use organic, therapeutic grade essential oils safely.

The video I first of all invites you to become aware of the internal and external environment of your cells that will influence your egg health, your womb health, your wellbeing as well as your baby’s wellbeing.

As a fertility specialist for over 10 years now, I see countless clients who come to me with either unexplained infertility or secondary sub-fertility and I have found that through simple ‘clean living’ strategies they are soon on the road to faster fertility success.

You see, our homes are laden with toxic chemicals that were not around during our Grandparent’s days. Standard house-hold cleaning products and personal care products, even our drinking water are saturated in hazardous toxins that lead to unbalanced hormones (they are classified as being Endocrine Disruptors).

You can read more about this topic where I have listed a few articles here.


This episode talks about living toxic-free and making a few changes to your cleaning products to create a cleaner home environment (that is child-friendly and hormone balancing too).


(We understand you are busy, so these videos are kept short and punchy – no longer than 20 minutes.
Still don’t have time to watch the whole video?
Simply scroll down to some of our tips below which are an extension of the video)

How to create a toxic-free home

Natural cleaning products for a child-friendly home that won’t disrupt your hormones

  1. Citrus Oils (Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Wild Orange)
  2. Eucalyptus
  3. Malaleuca (Tea-tree)
  4. Vinegar
  5. Bi-carb soda


How it works

Make up a solution of vinegar, filtered water and either citrus, eucalyptus or tea-tree. For stubborn stains you can use oregano and bi-carb soda

Natural mould remover


Natural and non-toxic limescale remover

Food grade Citric Acid crystals

Hand sanitiser blend + travel companion so you don’t get sick on planes, etc

Combine Colloidal Silver and Gold Blend (here) with Cassia & Cinnamon Essential Oil

To clean and purify the air in the home put these in your diffuser

  • OnGuard – Protective Blend
  • Lemongrass
Our gift to you

We understand how overwhelming this might be to embrace, but do not worry.

Tatyana is willing to offer you a lifetime of complimentary essential oil coaching so you know how to utilise doTERRA essential oils.

I am willing to offer you free step-by-step training on how to embrace clean living for a healthier, happier, easier fertility and pregnancy journey.

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