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Are you asking yourself “Am I ready to heal myself and become a healer?”

If so, you are looking in the right place.

We are all born healers, we all have a natural ability to heal.

What better time to be a healer than when you are on your fertility journey or have had your baby and want a career change?

We have all heard that our consciousness is raising on this planet and it is true, we are coming out of the dense dark ages and into the light. Moving out of ego and into heart-space consciousness.

It makes sense that more and more people are therefore wanting a career in something that makes a real difference in the world.


Is this you?


Are you wanting to put precious time into something rewarding and fulfilling? Are you wanting to earn money in a way that allows you to grow as a person? Are you wanting to spend time to inspire as well as heal your loved ones and hundreds of others on the planet  at a time that best suits you so you can maintain a perfect work:life balance?


Being a healer can do just that.


Now, more than ever the energy is so strong and so fast. We no longer need to do ritualistic practices in order to harness energy flow, we have direct contact and access to source.


Healing courses being offered after 2012 need to cover the following four pillars because our energy centres, layers and dimensional expansion have evolved:

  1. Energy hygiene
  2. Universal Laws
  3. Fundamental strategies
  4. Advanced strategies


The ‘Healing Me’ Course can help you become an Advanced Qi Energy Field Healer at any level you wish to practice.


There are more and more energy healing training courses sprouting out all over the world to help humans raise consciousness. This is such an exciting and fun time to become a healer.

QiGong Healing HandsHow to choose the right healing course?

  • Get to know the teacher over the phone via a chat, a cup of tea or attend some of their sessions – it is important you get along with your healing course teacher.
  • Establish a connection with the teacher so you can develop your skills faster.
  • Find a teacher who is healthy and does not have a big ego.
  • Find a course that is comprehensive and teaches you the things you are interested in. Even if the course teaches you more than you want to use, it is better to have optionality to grow and develop your skills over time than doing a course without much depth.

The Convenience of the Qi Energy Healer Course

This Qi Energy Healer Course is accessible all over the world. If you pay for the instructor’s travel, accommodation and time then the course can come to you. Alternatively, at this stage the training courses will be available in the following locations:

  1. London, UK
  2. West Sussex, UK
  3. Perth, Western Australia

Training times

The training is divided over three weekends, including a residential retreat. Additionally there is an exam for those wishing to be practitioners. You can either study on your own, directly with me (the founder of Qi Energy Healing) or in a group. The private study options are called “personal” next to the price listing.

Qi Energy Healer Course Summary of Study

All group training is done on a Friday and Saturday.

Private 1-to-1 training days can be arranged mid-week.


Level 1 Qi Energy Healer Weekend Training

2 day training 

£1,555.00 group | £2,675.00 private 1-to-1 training 

Full board is included: meals, snack, refreshments and accommodation



The course will meet the following objectives:

  1. 28-day personal clearing and cleansing practice
  2. Defining energy
  3. Defining healing
  4. Energy cleansing techniques
  5. Energy cultivation techniques
  6. Energy hygiene
  7. Give you the tools to sense energy
  8. How to “tune in” to Qi (life force energy)
  9. How to breathe health into your life
  10. How to conduct self healing
  11. How to give basic cleansing to others (working with the Violet Flame)
  12. How to give basic healing to others
  13. How to heal plants and pets
  14. How to open your heart
  15. How to reclaim your power and not feel drained by other’s negative attacks
  16. How to use healing in everyday life: powerful rituals
  17. Lay the foundations of healing
  18. See, feel and/or work with energy fields
  19. Understand foundations of healing (intention)
  20. Understand how energy flows
  21. Understand moods and energy
  22. Understand the Chakra system
  23. Understand you are an energy being
  24. Learn 22 energy harnessing (and cultivating) Qi Gong techniques


Level 2 Qi Energy Healer Day Training

7 Chakra System - Fertility Yoga Meditation

(6 hours)

1 day training.

£597.00 group | £1,575.00 private 1-to-1 training 

Organic tea will be provided by Fiona (facilitator)

Bring your own lunch and snacks


The course will meet the following objectives:

  1. Building up to 100 days of personal clearing practice
  2. Energy cleansing techniques Level 2
  3. Energy cultivation techniques Level 2
  4. Energy hygiene Level 2: put into practice
  5. Give you the tools to sense other people’s energy: Body scanning
  6. How to “tune in” to Qi (life force energy) Level 2
  7. How to “tune in” to your emotions: reading manifestations in mind and body
  8. How to breathe health into your life Level 2
  9. How to conduct self healing Level 2
  10. How to give basic cleansing to others Level 2
  11. How to give basic healing to others Level 2
  12. How to use Daoist and Ayurvedic techniques
  13. How to use basic Qigong and Hatha Yoga to heal
  14. How to open your heart: put into practice living in heart space consciousness
  15. Advanced meditation practices
  16. How to use advanced healing in everyday life
  17. See, feel and/or work with energy fields Level 2
  18. Understand activation and rebalancing of the Chakra system and emotional wellbeing (moods) Level 2
  19. Learn 11 energy harnessing (and cultivating) Qi Gong techniques

Weekend 2 : Level 2


You will be qualified to teach at this level but you will not be a Master or a Practitioner so you can not charge for your services.


Master Qi Energy Healer Training Residential Course



2 day residential in Surrey or West Sussex

£1,555.00 group | £2,675.00 private 1-to-1 training in your home or West Sussex






Fertility Retreat Venue, Surrey - View



10:00am – 1:00pm = Welcome & session 1


2:30pm – 6:00pm = Session 2

Dinner Fertility Retreat Venue, Surrey - Outside seating

8:00am – 9:00pm = Evening meditation levels 1 & 2


7:00 – 9:00am = Breakfast

10:00am – 1:00pm = Session 3


2:30pm – 4:00pm = Session 4

The course will meet the following objectives:

  1. You will learn how to meditate and teach others how to meditate
  2. You will teach others how to heal themselves
  3. You will be a Master Energy Healer: Master Level “Qi” Energy Healer
  4. You will learn how to thread energy
  5. Learn to work with acupressure points
  6. Learn to be a crystal healerFertility Retreat Venue, Surrey - Aerial View
  7. Understand the Yin-Yang Phenomenon
  8. Learn to work with Yin-Yang Foods
  9. Learn to work with Healing Foods
  10. Learn to work with Emotional Stress Release
  11. Learn to work with Colour Therapy
  12. Learn to work with Tibetan Bells
  13. Learn to work with Tibetan Healing Bowl
  14. Learn to commune with nature
  15. Enjoy thorough revision and Q&A for all objectives learned to date

More pictures of the Qi Healing training facilities at our residential retreat, Surrey

Fertility Retreat Venue, Surrey - Yoga Studio  Fertility Retreat Venue, Surrey - mezzanine room  Fertility Retreat Venue, Surrey - Inside


Pictures of the Qi Healing training facilities in West Sussex


Residential: Master Qi Energy Healer Level –

You will be qualified to teach at this level but you will not be a Practitioner so you may not be insured for your services.



Practitioner Diploma Level –

Healing - Meditation - Yoga Nidra - Energy Field Healing with Quan Yin by Fiona Kaczmarczyk - Awakening Fertility

2 hour assessment

Includes a review of 75 hours of diarised client practice and 100 hours of self practice

£285.00 personal






Practitioner Diploma Level –


You now qualify as a Qi Energy Healer and Practitioner, you can charge your own prices and be insured to work

Whatever level you decide to study to, you will graduate confidently and competently. This course will bring out the best version of you and give you coping mechanisms to manage depression as well as other inhibiting ways.

Booking your place on the next healing course

The next course of intakes will depend on numbers, so get in touch via the comment box below and state your preferred time to start your healing training. Or book your 30 minute consultation to discuss your options, here




This is a requirement for Fertility Yoga Teaching and Fertility Coaching



About the course co-ordinator:

Fiona Boulton is a Fertility Specialist
(An expert in her field since 2007) and leader in Fertility Mind Mastery, Fertility Meditation, Fertility Yoga and Fertility Coaching –

helping people take back control of their fertility, faster.

Fiona is the founder of Awakening Fertility – Harley Street (Harley Street Fertility Clinic), London; Concept Fertility Putney; Chichester, West Sussex and Perth, Australia

  • Huffington Post Fertility Writer
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  • Fertility Support Group Co-ordinator for Harley Street Fertility Clinic and Infertility Network UK
  • Nutrition Counsellor
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  • QiYoga® Founder
  • Fertility Yoga Teacher Trainer (RYS 200)
  • Fertile Lifestyle Motivator
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  • Fertility Practitioner Training Co-ordinator
Through Fiona’s “transformation guaranteed” Fertile Lifestyle courses, Fiona helps navigate major transitions to detox your mind and body to help you effectively ‘think yourself fertile’; to change the map your mind has of your body and therefore change your physiology by clearing mental and emotional blockages to having your baby. Fiona’s work focuses on you taking back control by changing the internal and external environment of your cells so you can improve chances of fertility success.

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