What types of tea are good for fertility?

Rose Bud and Nettle Tea

This is a commonly asked question.

Amidst the confusion around trialling herbs and getting a definitive answer as to what herbs are best, as with everything Awakening Fertility recommends you “Body Test” these teas before you buy them.

If you don’t know how to “Body Test” get in touch via a consultation here (initial 30 minute consultations are complimentary).

Below is a list of teas that research claims can help to improve fertility:


  1. (Organic if possible) Ashwagandha
  2. (Organic if possible) Ho-Shou-Wu 
  3. Organic Ginger – Higher Living and Yogi Teas are the most popular brands for my clients
  4. Organic Green tea that is naturally caffeine free (check the label)
  5. (Organic if possible) Liquorice – by Yogi Teas
  6. Organic (Stinging) Nettle Leafbuy now
  7. Organic Rose Budbuy now
  8. Organic Skullcap
  9. Organic Vanilla

Why are these teas so good for fertility?

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