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Your Abdominal Brain The Solar Plexus and The Master Key System For Fertility

By |2020-07-03T21:15:12+01:00July 3rd, 2020|Solar Plexus the abdominal brain, Think yourself fertile|

According to William Walker Atkinson, author of The Solar Plexus Or Your Abdominal Brain, the Solar Plexus exercise important influence and power over your health and your vitality. In Atkinson's words, the Solar Plexus are "the great central storehouse of nervous energy, or life force of the physical body. It sends to organs and glands

Can Fertility Retreats Really Help When Trying to Conceive?

By |2016-04-12T17:36:42+01:00April 12th, 2016|How will a fertility retreat help me?, What is a fertility retreat?, What is a fertility yoga retreat?|

Ever asked yourself "What is a fertility retreat and how will it help me?" Fertility Retreats nowadays are not just for the rich and famous. Holistic retreats, and half-day get-aways are structured in such a way as to help women and couples deal with the emotional and physical aspects of fertility issues. A variety of life-enhancing

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