Summer solstice. The period in which Mother Earth is awash with fertility, joy and expansiveness. We have arrived at the longest day of the year (or the shortest if you’re in the southern hemisphere)! Every major planetary event such as this gives us an opportunity for growth and expanded awareness. Keep reading – below I share a powerful solstice specific meditation.

Traditionally, the summer solstice has been seen as a celebration of the strength and fertility of mother Earth and other goddesses representative of the Divine feminine, such as Quan Yin.

This astronomical event has long been associated with fertility, love and sexuality. One reason being is that parents wanted to ensure their children would be born in the springtime, when they’d have a better shot at staying healthy. 

On this day, allow yourself to harness the creative life force energies of this solstice and connect with the divinity flowing through you. Connect to your guides, your angels and the Creator in order to open your heart portal and allow love, joy, abundance and fertility to flow through you with effortless grace and ease.

I have specially crafted a guided mantra meditation for you to assist in welcoming in the new energy of the summer solstice. Allowing this energy in to help you clear any blockages and allow you to receive the divinity of new life and prepare you for a wonderful fertility journey. Click on the video below to listen to this.