Our solar plexus chakra represents the energy of the sun that we have within us. If you’re lacking some fire, ambition, power then this will help you.

The regular practice of yoga can improve many things such as focus, mental clarity, flexibility and posture. This in turn relieves stress all the whilst instilling a sense of empowerment powerful enough to boost your confidence. The essence of yoga is to focus on oneself and what’s going on within you, by commuting to this regular practice of self-focus and self-appreciation, you’ll become better equipped at fighting feelings of comparison and judgement.

When practicing these asanas/poses, you should feel a sense of courageousness from within, ultimately empowering you to show up with more confidence and bravery in your own life.

If you’d like to boost your mood, confidence, passion, strength and flexibility then I invite you to watch the video below where I demonstrate a powerful 5 minute QiYoga routine to boost confidence:


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