Nothing can be more heartbreaking than going through a miscarriage. The immense happiness and elation you felt is then ripped away at the loss of something you loved more than yourself.

I have created a powerful healing meditation for you that will help you clear the trauma of miscarriage – scroll to listen now.

I encourage you not to let your miscarriage cause you to lose your way or leave you down for too long. 

Yes, be okay with the pain you feel from the sense of loss. Sit with it, accept it then allow it to pass. (If you are familiar with the techniques of my Fertile Lifestyle Course you will know what meditation I am referring to).

I invite you to change your state and feel empowered by communing with your Spirit Baby. Spirit baby communing is the pathway to communicating to your unborn child, it is a powerful practice that can remind you to navigate beyond the limitations of your five senses. It invites you to explore deeper into and your true nurturing nature. 

Oftentimes when my clients embark on their fertility journey, it is easy to forget that their baby has a choice whether or not they wish to come. Baby has free-will, always.

Before launching Awakening Fertility in 2007, I was teaching meditation from 2003 and with my skills I invite you to safely be guided to communicate directly with your spirit baby who recently left your womb.

Here’s a video from the Awakening Fertility TV YouTube Channel to guide you into a state of deep healing and clarity by communing directly with your baby. Communing with spirit baby can provide incredible insight and answers on any fertility issues you may be having, and what to do to bring positive change to your fertility journey,

  • Will your baby be back?
  • Will your baby help to bring your next child through?
  • What message does your baby have for you?

Now you can find out:


Here’s some of the transcript from this guided Fertility Meditation to recover from miscarriage and connect with your Spirit Baby:

Sitting comfortably, completely relaxed.

Feeling raw but blessed.

Feeling courageous, yet nurtured.

You’re feeling divinely supported.

Anchor your energy to the core of Mother Earth now

Plug yourself into her life-giving force.

Together you create life for this planet,

So breathe deep and surrender

The more you surrender into her embrace

The more supported you will feel

For you are supported.

You are on track.

All is perfect.

Thank your body for the wonderful experience… And although miscarriage is painful, it does leave you feeling stronger and more supported. For this is all ‘on point’

Everything is happening divinely and this is your Divine Time.

So breathe deep.

Lengthen the breath.

Scan the body.

Take your breath to all areas, from your crown to fingers to toes.

Swirling life force energy throughout the whole of your body.

Relaxing any tension;




And as you do, command in your mind:

“I am grounded now”

“I am protected now.”

Disconnecting from any emotions, thoughts that don’t serve you or disempowerment that does not serve you…



Release from them now

Command: “I disconnect now.”

Feel your heart open, the portal to truth… And as it does, the mind stills.

You can feel an energetic massage working through your brain.

Feel the heart open and enjoy that sensation.

Allow the life force energy to activate the 5 pointed star that you are.

The golden star.

Feel the connection to your golden essence, the golden glow sparks your solar plexus (where your self confidence and self worth resides).

Activate your glow with your breath now because air fuels fire.

Take one more breath in and then exhale it completely.

Your back feels supported, the whole of your body is supported.

You are sitting here feeling safe, nurtured, connected.

Receiving Divine Energy.

Building your energy reserves and making your life feel easier.

Now, bring the energy up from Mother Earth and Down From Father Sky through your forehead (an inch in front of your forehead is the energy centre of the Ajna Chakra, your 6th Chakra, your 6th sense).

Imagine a portal of energy, the colour of the night sky opening up and allowing you to move through it and when you reach the other end you are able to command your beautiful baby (who was recently residing in your womb) to commune with you.

Check three times that this is your spirit baby that was residing in you, in this lifetime…

Envisage a beautiful, sacred cup, a goblet the colour of the night sky. It is what you use to receive the information you are seeking going forward.

I want you to thank Spirit for the information that they have shared with you and if you need more clarity, next time you listen to this meditation, infuse golden sparkles and magenta light.

Please note, this information is copyright to Fiona Boulton and Awakening Fertility Ltd.


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