There is a proven link between digestive health and fertility issues so it comes as no surprise that by healing your digestive system you can improve your fertility. However, these issues can be healed!
There are an array of physical, mental and emotional reasons as to why you’ve been diagnosed with digestive discomfort. So what are 3 ways to heal from them?

Accelerate healing with a focused daily intention

You can accelerate healing by integrating a daily intention to choose the path of least resistance, so you are constantly in a state of ease and grace. Without resistance there is harmony. Harmony means you lay the foundation for digestive health and fertility health. In doing so, this harmonious state puts you back inflow to be a magnet of abundance which can then flow to you in all the forms of joy that life has to offer.

Fertility yoga to help improve digestive health

Digestive disorders are a sign your body is tense, therefore your muscles need to relax so you can experience more blood flow throughout your body.

Staying away from inflammatory foods

Foods that cause inflammation include sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, corn, gluten, processed foods and non-organic foods to help improve your digestion and fertility.
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