Fertility in 2022 and Beyond

The best month for fertility success depends on the energy and planetary alignments within that year. As a general rule “Easter” (in the northern or southern hemispheres: March and April) is the fertile time for planet earth. Spring in the southern hemisphere is also a fertile time for people, as well as within nature.

However for 2022, the best month to prepare for fertility success is February (and the earlier the better!)



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According to astrology the planetary alignment for early February until 15 February 2022 is supporting you to TAKE ACTION with your goals.

It is at this time that you are currently being supported to transition from where you currently are to where you want to go to be a fertility success story this year and it starts this month!


When you decide to:

  • STOP feeling oppressed

  • STOP feeling like a victim

  • STOP feeling that nothing’s working

  • STOP feeling ‘when will I be pregnant like everyone else’?

… You will then be guided down the path of fertility success

Once you make the decision to go down a new path, the current planetary alignment will activate the alchemy of the spirit so that your transition becomes a success.

Whatever action you take as steps toward improving your fertility, the energy of the planets will make your changes easier from 16 February 2022 and this is going to make all the difference to you persevering and becoming a fertility success story in 2022.

From 16 February 2022 whatever plans you have put in place will be made easier for you to be able to go-with-the-flow and gracefully enjoy achieving all your fertility goals.


It is now time for you to act!


With the planetary alignment in your favour.

The sooner you act, the sooner you prove to the Universe that you are definitive about choosing to be empowered on your fertility journey and across all aspects of your life.

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