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Free Fertility Meditation

Nature ChildHere’s your free fertility meditation to support your fertility journey

This meditation is called Embracing Femininity in Your Fertility Garden. I have chosen this meditation as an example of the 100+ meditations I have on my Fertile Lifestyle Course to support clients to fall pregnant and stay pregnant.

Why is embracing femininity important?

By you embracing your femininity, you are telling your body ‘it is safe to turn fertility back on.’

You see, when you are stressed you enter into your ‘Fight or Flight’ Mode (activating your sympathetic nervous system) which is a ‘Yang’ response (in the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Yang is masculine. This stress response state turns fertility off.

By you embracing your feminine energy, you activate the ‘Yin’ response (activating your parasympathetic nervous system) which is when your body is able to rejuvenate, it allows the blood to return from the extremities back to your vital organs, including your reproductive system.

In this state fertility gets turned back on.

That being said, despite the ‘airy fairy’ name of this meditation, there is a lot of science behind the workings of it (as well as all my other meditations), which is why they work.

I recommend listening to meditations daily to help prepare your mind and your body.

I also recommend listening to Fertility Mind Mastery Meditations, such as my Morning Manifestation & Motivation audio, here.

Doing IVF, ICSI or IUI?

If you are embarking down the route of assisted fertility IVF, ICSI or IUI, then listening to guided meditations before, during and after your procedure(s) will improve your chances of assisted fertility success.

Embracing Femininity in Your Fertility Garden Meditation


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