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You are invited to enjoy a 6-part-series with Fiona Boulton and special guest Drew Lawson to help you overcome sexual and intimacy blocks.

Get ready for a foundational coaching program that will give you a series of foundational practices and games you can play to:

  • Build connection with yourself
  • Build connection with your partner
  • Awaken, enliven and activate your body in preparation for conception


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Watch this video below for an introduction to our upcoming 6-part series and invitation to join us for a complimentary live anonymous Q&A session for you to manifest your dreams and desires through orgasmic sex.



We want to help you improve your ability to give and receive intimacy with ease and grace.


Who’s this 6-part series for?

  • For men looking to overcome sexual anxieties, pressure and stress as well as being able to give and receive more intimacy
  • For women looking to overcome sexual anxieties, pressure and stress as well as being able to give and receive more intimacy
  • For couples trying naturally
  • For couples using assisted fertility methods (IVF or IUI)
  • For singles



Watch this video for more information about the topics we will be covering:




Investment – To awaken intimacy & clear sexual blocks





  • Live access to our 6-part series every Tuesday 6:00pm (UK Time)
    • 21st September 2021 – #BONUS WEEK
      • Giving you the ability to go within:
        • Preparing your mind and body with breathing techniques
    • 28th September 2021 – Week #1
      • Beginnings:
        • Introduction to Sacred Sexuality and Sacred Sex (using sex to manifest)
        • Polarities of Masculine and Feminine Energies
        • Inhabiting both Masculine and Feminine Energies: The Dance for Polarity
        • Polarity for Conception (Shiva – Shakti)
        • Consciousness and Energy, Container and Alchemy, Presence and Surrender
        • Discovering Self Before Other
    • 5th October 2021 – Week #2
      • Foundations:
        • Preparing the Body – Self and Other
        • Preparing the Breath – Brahmacharya (Invitations into non-ejaculation: when and why this is useful)
        • Different Breath Patterns for Connection and Polarity
        • Voice / Shame / Vibrations / Awakening
        • Landing Touch
        • 3 minute game
        • Bossy Massage
        • NLM Movement
        • MCO – Micro Cosmic Orbit with Pelvic Floor
        • Sitting Practices
    • 12th October 2021 – Week #3
      • The Crucible:
        • The Art of Conscious Love Making
        • Preparing the Space For Intimacy
        • Opening & Closing the Space
        • Consent
        • Communication
        • Authentic Relating
        • Connection
        • Boundaries & Desires Practice
        • Curiosity Practices
    • 19th October 2021 – Week #4
      • The Origin Story:
        • Clearing the Past
        • What We Learnt About Sex Growing Up
        • TRE
        • Repeating Patterns
        • Becoming Present
        • Self before Other
        • Inner Child Practices
        • RAJE Model Practices
    • 26th October 2021 – Week #5
      • Wholeness:
      • Shadow Integration (Shadow Dancing)
      • Self Pleasure Fantasies
      • Reclaiming Eros
      • Bringing your Wild & Tender
      • Practices:
        • Journalling The Taboo
        • Cobra Breath
        • Belly to Belly
    • 2nd November 2021 – Week #6
      • Completions:
        • Sacred Eros
        • Meta Myth
        • Next Steps Along Your Journey of Deeper Intimacy, Knowing Your Sexuality, Putting This All Into Practice with Confidence, Ease and Grace For a Happy, Healthy Baby
  • Post-recording access to re-watch whenever you like
  • Ability to have your questions answered anonymously
  • Enjoy being coached and guided with practices to help you clear your blockages around conception

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