Fertility Yoga Classes London

Helping you enjoy your fertility journey with fun, uplifting fertility yoga classes that nurture your heart, mind, body and soul.

Fertility Yoga Classes are taught by Fiona Boulton (a qualified yoga teacher since 2003) who also trains women to become fertility yoga teachers.

Fiona's Fertility Yoga classes are taught in small groups on the border of Putney and  Wandsworth in London (SW18) as well as private home visits and online.

Whether you are doing IVF and want to increase your chances of IVF success or are looking for natural fertility support for a natural pregnancy then Fiona's QiYoga for Fertility classes are for you.

The "Qi" means "life force energy" which you need to activate your reproductive system and to heal from the effects of stress. When you are looking to create a new life, you need lots of life force energy. Fiona blends Fertility Qigong (meaning the cultivation of life force energy) with the Fertility Yoga to increase the healing effects upon your body.

The Fertility Yoga classes have been designed to help you relax and re-charge your batteries. The movements help to improve the health and function of your follicles, eggs and womb as well as your digestive system and central nervous system which means you will be increasing your chances of getting pregnant and holding your pregnancy through to full term (minimising miscarriage).


Fertility Yoga Classes

  • Private 1-to-1 Fertility Yoga Classes (instructor comes to your home)
  • Small Group Fertility Yoga Classes (in south west London)
  • Fertility DVD's

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Private Online Fertility Yoga Classes

  • Want to do fertility yoga on a budget from the comfort of your home?
  • Want to get private 1-to-1 support and feedback which you can't get from a large class or a DVD?
  • Classes are taught live from London anywhere in the world

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Fertility Retreats

  • Private fertility detox, healing and nurturing retreats for women and or/couples
  • Tailor made to your budget and requirements
  • See list of dates available in 2018

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