Fertility Coaching with Awakening Fertility

Why Fertility Coaching?

To improve Your Chance of Pregnancy Success – Get a Natural Fertility Coach

In the world of competitive sport, athletes employ coaches to enhance mental and physical performance. The same thing applies to fertility coaching. Working with our natural fertility coaches will help you look at alternative ways to enhance your fertility and your journey to parenthood.

Fertility coaching will teach you how to live a naturally fertile lifestyle

Fertility Coaching

8 Reasons Why A Fertility Coach Can Help You

  1. Approximately one in seven couples, or 3.5 million people have difficulty conceiving in the UK. If this is you, you have probably had to put your life on hold and the longer it takes for your to have a child the more difficult everything in life can become. This ends up effecting all aspects of your life.
  2. If you are suffering from diagnosed or undiagnosed infertility, you can feel as if you have no control in your life, your relationship and over your own body.
  3. If you are undergoing assisted fertility treatment, you may find yourself on a roller coaster ride during each cycle of treatment and facing month after month of agonising disappointment. With IVF for example, a recent report illustrated that in 2013 the number of IVF cycles administered was the highest ever – but the success rate remained unchanged at 25%. In other words there is a 75% chance that IVF will fail.
  4. Increasing evidence suggests that stress plays a huge role in conceiving and achieving a happy, healthy pregnancy.
  5. A group of women who used ‘complimentary’ therapies to help relieve stress had a 55% pregnancy rate,compared to  20% pregnancy rate for those who did not. A clear indication of how important natural fertility support can be.
  6. Natural fertility coaching, unlike traditional problem focussed counselling methods, looks at your present and how to empower you on the path to achieving your goal. A natural fertility coach may touch on the recent past, to better inform them on the present, this will also to enable them to work on any limiting beliefs you may or may not be aware you hold.
  7. You may find it difficult at this very emotional time in your life, to talk to close friends and relatives about what is happening to you. It becomes especially difficult to be around those who are expecting a baby or already have children.
  8. There may be other aspects of your lifestyle such as diet, alcohol, smoking, your weight or fitness, which will be affecting your emotional, psychological and fertility health.
Natural Fertility Coaching can help you and your partner feel empowered with techniques and strategies to regain a sense of control, and restore the hope of becoming parents sooner rather than later

How Fertility Coaching Works

Being heard and taking time to grieve and grow is essential
Fertility Coaching Session

Your Natural Fertility Coach will initially consult with you and assess what you need in a daily routine to balance you physically, mentally and emotionally.

You no longer have to feel isolated, alone, disempowered, overwhelmed or confused.

5 Things Our Fertility Coaches Will Help You Achieve

  1. Identify any self- limiting belief systems.Go for it! Happy Woman
  2. Review your lifestyle and dietary habits, to ensure you are not either doing or eating things, which may be hindering your fertility. e.g. If you are looking to fall pregnant then avoid: carrot juice, too many peas, GM foods, corn, soya etc.
  3. Identify potential subconscious blockages that could be preventing you from falling pregnant or successfully giving birth.  (You may not have any but it will be empowering to know).
  4. Utilise effective manifestation techniques so you can consciously manifest what you want on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.
  5. Thoroughly employ de-stress methods to give you the tools to create balance and harmony in your life


The main aspect of natural fertility coaching is the level of support it offers.

Support programmes are catered specifically to suit your unique lifestyle to help you implement any joy-filled changes you may require.

Through a series of integrated natural treatments and lifestyle changes, your health is enhanced and your chances of conception and pregnancy can drastically increase

Our Natural Fertility Coaching Comes With Action Plans

Our natural fertility coaches will use one or more of the following natural treatments:
  1. Nutritional assessment for a fertility diet – smoothies and juices etc.
  2. Fertility Cleanses
  3. Fertility Herbs
  4. Fertility (self) Massage
  5. Fertility Yoga
  6. Meditation
  7. Visualisation
  8. Acupuncture
  9. Traditional Chinese Herbs

Why You Will Benefit From Our Fertility Coaches 

Our natural fertility coaching supports clients like you to explore and then begin to trust your own judgements. You will reap the benefits when it comes to issues such as:

  • Deciding on the best options for treatments or;
  • Taking a break from treatments;
  • Exploring adoption and other paths to parenthood

 Most importantly

Our coaches will enable you to gain perspective on your situation and feel empowered and confident with your fertility choices and lifestyle for pregnancy success.

Enjoyable Skype Coaching SessionsHow to Book Your Fertility Coaching Clinic Session

You can come to our Harley Street Fertility Clinic or our Mayfair Fertility Clinic, or our Putney Fertility Clinic or enjoy better value with online fertility coaching.

Please complete these 2 Steps: 
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