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We know what it is like trying to conceive in the 21st century. In a nutshell, it can be confusing because there is so much information out there.

For non-biased, honest answers to your fertility questions you can read the ever increasing list of commonly asked fertility questions below.

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Fertility Cleanse Question

  • I would like to do a gentle cleanse, what do you recommend that is safe for fertility and support fertility?
  • “Castor Oil Pack Cleanse” and “MSM 2×2 Cleanse”

Castor Oil Pack Cleanse

I provide the plastic/cotton fabric + the organic hemp fabric + jar of castor oil so all you will need is a hot water bottle.
You also receive video instructions (see below) and written instructions.
Kit: £25.00

MSM 2×2 Cleanse

  • Doing a gentle MSM cleanse is 2x 2 table spoons MSM 12 hours apart (morning and night)
  • Add a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother (the culture that is required to make ACV medicinal), in a glass bottle (£8.99)
  • Take with bio-available vitamin C for best results (£59.90) and organic lemon.
  • This gentle MSM cleanse helps dissolve fat, dissolve scar tissue, dissolve cysts, dissolve fibroids, regenerate the body on a cellular level and enhance fertility. 500g MSM (£67.00)

How to start taking MSM

  • I just received the MSM in the post. How do I start taking it?
  • Start with 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 just before you go to sleep. Slowly build up to 1 tablespoon twice a day then if you want to speed up the benefits then do the gentle cleanse of 2 tablespoons twice daily.

The MSM needs to be dissolved in hot water, so I recommend getting a large mug:

  1. Pour in the MSM
  2. Pour in clean water (not from the tap) hot water from the kettle
  3. Add freshly squeezed lemon and room temperature water
  4. Add Fertility Honey (maximum serving = 1 tablespoon a day)
  5. Add bio-available vitamin C (1 teaspoon) and Apple Cider Vinegar (1 table spoon) if possible
  6. Mix and drink
    1. NOTE: Wait 20 minutes before consuming any supplements or food

Best prepared in this order because the boiling hot water will destroy the properties of the honey. Enjoy!

Fertility Supplements Questions

  • I read CoQ10 is good for boosting fertility. Should I buy some?
  • If you are over 25 then you are better off getting Ubiquinol because the body converts CoQ10 to ubiquinol. Read more here
  • How do I know I am getting enough folic acid or folate in my diet?
  • Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate so you want folate, not folic acid. Here are some articles I have written.

– List of folate foods, read here

– Supplements with folate include JuicePlus+ and Marine Phytoplankton which you can purcahse in our shop. Read about JuicePlus+ here


  • What are Digestive Enzymes good for?
  • As we age, Hydrochloric Acid production frequently declines, but remains important for the breakdown of food in the gut. For example it sterilises ingested food, acidifies it and hence activates a powerful protease called Pepsin and allows vitamin B12 to be extracted from foodstuffs. Additionally, several minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc rely on this acid for their utilisation in the body.
  • Why Fulvic Minerals?


  • Sometimes I have to rush in the morning – can I have breakfast straight after the fertility drink or should I wait for a bit? Then can I take the marine phytoplankton and the klamath blue green capsules together with food (with breakfast or lunch) and how many capsules each?
  • Yes, I know, mornings can be a real rush sometimes!

The Marine Phytoplankton capsules and Klammath Blue Green Algae capsules are best taken separately.

Take the Klammath Blue Green Algae capsules 20 minutes before a meal either 20 minutes before or after your morning drink (because the heat of the drink will destroy the properties of the capsules. In fact warm drinks negatively impact all medicines so best to take room temperature drinks with any kind of tablet or capsule).

The Marine Phytoplankton can be taken with a meal, any time in the morning. Best not to take in afternoon or you may not sleep because they give you instant energy. I recommend reading below for more details about dosage and what is on the labels:

– Marine Phytoplankton –


EPA (healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids) (10-20%)

Canthaxanthin and astaxanthin (important antioxidants)

Phospholipids (which help the absorption of EPA and other omega 3 fatty acids)

Beta-carotene and zeaxanthin

Violaxanthin, antheraxanthin, vaucheriaxanthin (all potent antioxidants)

Complete protein (50%)

Take 3 – 7 capsules a day for maximum benefits

Contains 130 capsules

– Klammath Blue-Green Algae –

Vegetarian Source of B12

60% high quality protein

Highest beta-carotene content per gram

of any food – a provitamin that boosts

the immune system and scavenges

free radicals that can cause oxidative damage in the body.

Richest known source of chlorophyll

Source of fatty acids

Certified by Oregon Tilth and bottled in the USA.

For a full breakdown of this wild algae, visit www.algae.co.uk

Take 1 – 4 capsules a day for maximum benefits

Contains 130 vegetable capsules, 500mg

Health Issues

  • I had to take anti-biotics which gave me thrush. What do you recommend Ido? Is there anything natural I should try? Please help!
  • Yes! Get our colloidal silver and gold liquid blend, fulvic minerals, digestive enzymes, MSM and digestive mix into you ASAP and today get the MOST powerful pre and pro biotic on the market. (Any chemist or health food store). If you can not afford them all then at the very least I recommend the colloidal blend and fulvic minerals for they are going to work wonders.
  • My husband had to take anti-biotics and now we are worried about his sperm health. Should we try this month or hold off for a while?
  • Re ‘holding off’ due to antibiotics… It takes 3 months to replenish sperm so if you are worried then please hold off for 3 months. It may seem a long time but it will give your child a stronger immune system. Please keep your husband does up on Olive Leaf Extract to really help his immune system as well as the same morning drink as you: MSM dissolved in hot water, then add freshly squeezed organic lemon juice and a dash of cold water, then add the bio-available vitamin C and medicinal mushrooms as well as the fertility honey (full of propolis, royal jelly and other stamina and immune building vitamins and superfoods!!)

I recommend getting the medicinal mushrooms to counteract the effect of stress (emotional, physical and mental) that you have both endured since your husband was rushed to hospital. The medicinal mushroom blend helps your body to recover energetically and as they include adaptogenic herbs it means you give your body the ability to heal itself and begin to restore energy reserves on its own accord.

I also recommend getting the digestive enzymes for your husband and some probiotics in the form of Fulvic Minerals because your husband has had the good gut bacteria destroyed from the antibiotics it makes it difficult to digest effectively. Therefore it will effect his energy levels and sperm health.

Here is an extensive compilation of articles I have written offering information about how to improve sperm health for you to flick through, here.


Relationship (Wellbeing) Questions

  • I have a big issue with my mother in law. She has many issues of her own and as a family we are currently unable to speak to her as she is not able to be sorry for how she has treated us over many years. Your work with me has seriously helped me work through some of this i.e. the two meditations and also drawing up boundaries of what is acceptable.
  • She was being particularly awful to us prior to me losing my baby and at the time I could not sleep as it upset me so much. I hold her partly responsible for the loss and possibly still do. It has come up on my lines….can I resolve my feelings towards her by doing the “opening neural pathway work” or is there something else I need to do to help me cope better with this broken relationship? I want to find some peace if possible.
  • I know it must be so difficult for you with your mother in law… The thing is, you NEED to forgive her, not blame her, not become a victim to her ways but remain empowered. What happened has happened and you can move on but you need to forgive so please listen to the forgiveness meditations offered in the course.
  • The other thing you NEED to do, is open your heart more. It sounds cliche, but honestly it is the only thing that will cool the flames of anger you feel.  The online Fertile Lifestyle Course can help you to do this and so can the Qi Energy Healing Course. Here are the details – http://awakeningfertility.com/2016/07/ready-to-be-a-healer-ready-to-make-a-difference/
  • In the mean time, the lines will help but it is now time to work on the heart. The lines only work on the mind.


Mind Mastery Questions

  • I have been doing my lines and cleared a few of them as I have gone along when I have time not loads but a few. Can resolving just some of these have the desired effect?
  • Its weird because after clearing some I don’t seem to have them firstly re appearing on my list of thoughts or almost no negative thoughts coming up now. Is this what happens? It makes such a difference you were so right!
  • Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, the lines are very, very powerful! Once you  create the new neural pathways you start to think and react to situations differently… And no hypnosis needed!

Alternative Therapies

  • I have heard Colour Therapy works. Please tell me more about it.
  • Yes, colour therapy does work. Here is a summary for you:
    • Red – for grounding, focus, increased awareness, improving family relationships and for activating the earth element (base chakra) to help you feel more secure and out of survival mode. This is key for fertility success becuase if you are stressed, ‘fight or flight’ mode means your body responds as if you are fighting for survival and fertility success requires you’re out of “survive” mode and into “thrive” mode.
    • Orange – for fertility, abundance, improving 1-to-1 relationships and activating the water element (sacral chakra) to help you feel more at ease and able to ‘go with the flow’ a little easier
    • Yellow – for self confidence, self worth, for improving group relationships, for mental clarity and stimulating intelligence. It activates the fire element (solar plexus chakra) to help you ignite more passion and not to give up when the going get’s tough on your fertility journey.
    • There are lots more colours and the online course goes into full detail for you so just refer to that 🙂
  • What is Sound Therapy or Sound Healing? How does it work?