Post-IVF Support Programme

Happy Abdomen for Healthy Digestive System and Fertility

Whether IVF worked or failed, your body had been through so much

In addition to you having survived the roller coaster of emotions that IVF brings – with extreme highs and lows – you have also gone through physical, mental and emotional stress which can leave you feeling fatigued.

Our post-IVF programmes are designed to support you through the effects of IVF and put your body into an optimum state of health and vitality.

Natural Fertility Treatments That Work at Awakening Fertility

Need help because IVF failed?

If IVF failed don’t give up hope, we have the mind-body detox programme for you.  There is trauma around your experience that needs to be released from your mind otherwise the trauma can prevent your next round (or natural attempt) from becoming a success.

Your emotions need nurturing and you need time to grieve; time to heal

What do you do when you don’t have the time?

Our Post IVF programme has been designed specifically to quickly restore physical, mental and emotional health.  Our programme can help you feel revitalised and re-empowered to continue down your road to fertility with a refreshing new mind-set and physiology.

How your mind-set shapes your physiology

We will teach you how to change the map that your mind has of your body so you can manage the impact of stress on your body as well as enhance your physiology by thinking yourself fertile with our specialised mind mastery techniques.

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Need help because IVF succeeded?

Congratulations on IVF success.  The best thing to do now is to nurture yourself (and your baby) especially through the precarious stage of your first trimester.

Post IVF programme to support prenatal transition

The sooner you feel at ease with your pregnancy and the sooner you learn how to read your body as well as your baby’s needs, the higher your chances of seeing your pregnancy through to full term.  Being fully conscious each step of they way will change the whole dynamics of your pregnancy and may prevent miscarrying.

IVF Failure –

How to cope with it and what to do next

Read our article as it appeared in the Fertility Road Magazine on IVF Failure: How to cope and what to do next, here

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