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Who’s New Life Fertility Meditation for?

New Life Fertility Meditations are for you, friends or family members who want to:
  • Manage stress
  • Take back control of life
  • Feel empowered and confident
  • Experience new found energy and vitality
  • Experience deep healing on a cellular level
  • Experience mental clarity
  • Improve intuition
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Overcome fears
  • Release from trauma and mental/emotional blockages
  • Balance emotions and feel happier
  • Turn off mental chatter and negative thoughts
These meditations are also ideal if you are struggling with fertility, falling pregnant, staying pregnant, have miscarriage fears, birth trauma fears or want to enjoy the skills of conscious parenting
Private Fertility Meditation Course
  • Private courses are taught via Skype or 1-to-1
  • We offer fertility meditation audio courses to support your journey each step of the way
  • We run meditation retreats and workshops in the UK and Australia

Beginner’s Course Details

If you would like to find peace, listen to your intuitive guidance system and fundamentally stop stressing about fertility then this course is for you

Week 1 Still your mind and body with body mastering, brain training exercises

Week 2 Deepen your meditation skills by building upon week 1’s techniques

Week 3 Heighten your stress management and mind-mastery skills

Week 4 Enter into a state of 20 minute bliss for physical, mental, emotional transformation

Location and Investment Options

Harley Street Fertility Clinic

Awakening Fertility’s Central London Location

£125.00 per hour session/£477.00 for a 4 week course

Wandsworth Home Clinic


£85.00 per hour session/£310.00 for a 4 week course

Online via Skype or FaceTime

From your home

£65.00 per hour session/£220.00 for a 4 week course



2 Options to sign up for your private meditation training course

  1. Transfer funds via BACS, simply request bank details here
  2. Pay via PayPal for an additional handling fee of 5.5% here
Get the box set collection of MP3’s by Fiona Kacz-Boulton for stress management and fertility
5 CD collection set on MP3:
  1. Meditations for Morning (5 meditations)
  2. Meditations for Anytime (5 meditations)
  3. Meditations for Evening (5 meditations)
  4. Yoga Nidra 1 (powerful 20 minute meditation)
  5. Fertility Meditations Vol 1 (6 meditations)
£35.00 order the fertility meditation box set here to receive them via email within 24 hours

Benefits of Daily Meditation - Click Here

How to Meditate For Fertility

There are many ways we can meditate but remember meditation is one-pointed focus (not relaxation).  Relaxation allows the body to rest, meditation allows the body to heal.

How to Meditate and Deepen Your Experience

How to Meditate and Control Your Thoughts

Meditation video part 2:

When you control your mind you control your body.

Want to detox your thoughts and change your physiology to boost fertility? Contact us

Morning Manifestation Techniques


Master Your Mind to Awaken Fertility