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Natural Fertility Solutions – Helping You Live A Fertile Lifestyle and Create Healthier Babies

Natural fertility solutions help to shape a healthier baby because everyone knows to create the best genes you need to be in a state of wellbeing. This concept is termed “epigenetics.”  Specifically, epigenetics refers to lifestyle choices that effect DNA turning genes “on” and “off.”

Best Start For Baby

If you want the best start for your baby then our natural fertility solutions may be the answer you are looking for.

Living a Fertile Lifestyle

You can choose Fertile Lifestyle support via my Online Fertile Lifestyle Course (three months of daily step-by-step support) or have personalised sessions with me.

What to Expect from Online Fertile Lifestyle Course from Fiona Kacz-Boulton on Vimeo.

On my Fertile Lifestyle Programme you too will learn the key elements that shape the formation of healthy eggs and sperm via:

  • Specific nutrition protocols
  • Avoiding specific toxins – in common places you have never dreamed of
  • Strategies to keep your mind and body detoxified so you glow from inside out – including “Mind Mastery”
  • Numerous other techniques that help you feel re-empowered on your fertility journey so you can create a confident child, etc.

Since 2007, founder Fiona Kacz-Boulton has been researching and noting anecdotal evidence from her fertility clients to evaluate the best way to create happier, healthier babies so our programme is one that has been proven to work (with a 77% average success rate).

Why The Natural Fertility Programmes Are So Successful

Whether you are seeking assistance to fall pregnant naturally or assisted, our programmes are tailored to your specific needs. We ensure faster fertility success as well as a successful pregnancy and birth – supporting you all the way.

We create bespoke fertile lifestyle strategies that help you to approach fertility in a refreshingly empowered way.

When you change your thoughts you change your physiology – fact.

Our Nutritional Approach Raw Food Detox Smoothies for QiYoga Retreats and awakening fertility programs with Fiona Kaczmarczyk

  • We teach you about the role epigenetics plays and how to establish an environment most conducive to preconception success and a healthy baby.
    • Eg: We know that anything you eat, feel and think three months prior to conception will have a direct effect on your baby.
  • We offer delicious and easy to follow, delicious, nutrient dense nutritional programmes and recipe books for all your meals, snacks and drink options

Our Empowering Mind-Body Approach Fertility Yoga and Meditation Retreat - AwakeningFertility.com

Take back control
Take back your life

We create strategies so you no longer feel lost our out of control on your fertility journey.

  • We teach you how to read what your body really needs, to reconnect to your intuitive wisdom
  • We help you to feel empowered and back in control on your fertility journey
  • We empower you with strategies that boost your confidence and energy levels
  • We offer emotional strategies so you can cope with stress more effectively

Our Power of the Mind Approach FB- Thought of the Day 5 - Mind over Matter

Fiona’s “Mind Mastery” techniques help to shape your positive mind-set, get over the debilitating impact of trauma and repetitive bad news/let downs.

  • We offer mental empowering strategies to help change your approach to fertility
  • We also dissolve past trauma and sub-conscious blockages that are creating blocks to your pregnancy and parenthood success
  • We facilitate meditation, manifestation and mindfulness techniques that actually work
  • Our “Mind Mastery” strategies help you to create new neural pathways which effectively change your physiology by changing the map that the mind has of the body. This is a highly specialised technique that only takes 2 – 4 sessions in just two weeks.
  • “Mind Mastery” is one of the biggest catalysts contributing to the phenomenal success of our Fertile Lifestyle Programme

Our Physical Approach Fertility Fit Couple

We understand that everyone’s fitness levels and passion for exercise differs so our programme does not have a “one-size-fits-all approach.” Some people don’t like exercise whereas others thrive so much on it that they like at least two hours of exercise a day or they feel depressed.

How Our Natural Fertility Programme Works

We offer our “Fertile Lifestyle” programme across the globe – to date we have helped people fall pregnant and give birth to happy healthy babies in:

  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • South Africa

Sessions are conducted via Skype from anywhere around the world and face-to-face (across the UK and Australia).

For face-to-face bookings our clinics are based in:
  • London – Harley Street
  • Chichester – West Sussex
  • Perth, Western Australia
For Fertility Yoga
See who we have helped and how we could help you too

Your Checklist For Living A Fertile Lifestyle

Our programme is not for everyone

To find out if we will accept you onto our hugely successful fertility programme ensure you can answer yes to the following:

  1. Are you desperately trying to fall pregnant?
  2. Are you willing to commit to the programme?
  3. Will you attend regular weekly sessions?
  4. Will you have trust in the process?
  5. Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to have a happy, healthy baby?
Time to book your 30 minute complimentary consultation or your 90 minute consultation for “fast track to faster fertility success strategies”, here

Get Support living a fertile lifestyle with these videos:

At Awakening Fertility enjoy hassle free fertility 

We do everything in our power to ensure you feel empowered and in control each step of the way

When you are willing to do all you can to fall pregnant you want to ensure you are investing your time and effort into the most optimal outcome for you.

Getting the right support from a company that has been in business for 7 years with a 77% achievement rate means you can increase your chances of realising faster fertility success.

Our bespoke Fertile Lifestyle Programme is designed to prepare you for preconception success.

This programme has a 77% success rate and we expect this figure to rise every year, so for that reason this course is not available to everyone. Fiona only works with clients who match the requirements of the course and whom she feels would be a good fit with a high chance of attaining fertility success.

Living a fertile lifestyle takes into consideration clean, optimal living to reduce toxins and improve your epigenetic environment – to give you and your baby the best possible foundation. As each person’s programme is different your diagnosis may include optional support via:

Why Me? Why Do I Have Fertility Issues?

Mind Mastery is one of the most powerful concepts offered

Mind Mastery techniques help you overcome the things preventing you from conceiving, transplanting or seeing your pregnancy through to full term successfully.


WHY ME? – The truth is, often mental blockages create a physiological effect on the body, preventing parenthood success

This can be due to a number of factors, including:

  • Fertility failures in the past – which the sub-conscious mind remembers and creates a belief that it will continue to happen (but if you change your approach via our specialised techniques you can change the map that your mind has of your body and therefore change your outcome!)
  • A sub-conscious fear around fertility or parenthood
  • Being an anxious person
  • Feeling out of control on your fertility journey

This programme is suitable for anyone seeking fast fertility solutions

The Gold and Silver programmes have the most success. This is because the longer the support, (from preconception to prenatal stages) the greater the chances of falling pregnant and giving birth to a happy, healthy baby (or babies).

We offer a comprehensive lifestyle support programme for natural or assisted fertility, including:

  • Pre–IVF support
  • Post IVF support
  • Fertility Coaching
  • Fertility Fit
  • Mind-Body Fertility Detox
  • Self Fertility Massage
  • Energy & Emotional Balancing
The personalised step-by-step programme can help you got from where you are to where you want to be:

– holding your baby in your arms, giving it all the love you have to give


anonymous female testimonial image“I never realised how much value I was getting until I was actually on the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has been trying for years, is fed up and ready to create a joy-filled way to motherhood.”

Jodi M, 40 – Swtizerland

anonymous female testimonial image“I feel so much better for doing this course and wish I had come across it earlier. The fertility journey was so difficult until I came across Fiona and her amazing work. Thank you!”

Monique S, 41 – Italy

anonymous female testimonial image“I started with the Bronze programme and rolled it over. I fell pregnant twice and now have my second child that I had been trying to conceive for years”

Jayne T, 39 – United Kingdom


Which programme is best for you?

Silver – 3 month fertility support programme


The 90 Day Fast Track to Fertility Online Course valued at £1,999.00

Choose Skype/telephone sessions or clinic sessions
  • 13x 60 minute clinic sessions (minimum requirement 1 – 2 a week)
  • 20x 1 hour Skype or telephone session (minimum requirement 2 – 3 a week)

£2,250.00 Add to cart


Gold – 6 month fertility support programme

Designed specifically for preconception support through to the most precarious stage of pregnancy: the first trimester

Recommended for anyone who:
  • Has miscarried
  • Has failed IVF
  • Will not be treated by IVF clinics
  • Has fibroids
  • Has endometriosis
  • Has poor egg quality
  • Is not menstruating (regularly)
  • Is not ovulating
  • Is over 40
  • Has fears about miscarriage
  • Includes On-call support service whenever you need via email and Skype (answered within 24 hours)

    The 90 Day Fast Track to Fertility Online Course valued at £1,999.00

    Choose Skype/telephone sessions or clinic sessions
    • 25x 60 minutes at the clinic (minimum 1 – 2 per week)
    • 38 x 1 hour Skype/telephone sessions (minimum 2 – 4 per week)

£3,500.00 Add to cart