Pregnancy Care for Successful Pregnancy

FB- Pregnant WomanThe transition from preconception care to prenatal care during your first trimester is crucial. The precarious shift requires a consistently strong foundation from both the mother and the mother’s environment to help see pregnancy through to full term.

At Awakening Fertility you are guided step-by-step through the two phases ensuring your mind, body and options create an optimal physiological effect to support your growing baby.



We offer advice on an array of topics, including (to name a few):
  • What exercises to do and not to do
  • What foods are best to have and what is to be avoided
  • How to create the optimum environment for your baby whilst ensuring your health and wellbeing remain in good stead.
  • Pregnancy-stress-management-strategies for turbulent times (this is imperative because your baby feels the way you feel and we need to keep the baby as calm as possible)
  • How to breathe to prepare for birth throughout all your trimesters


To successfully see your pregnancy through to full term, contact us for more information