Avoid Toxins for Fertility

Toxicity seems to be one of the leading contributors of infertility

This is especially the case for UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY. If you can relate to this then you may want to consider drastically reducing the amount of toxins you expose yourself to on a daily basis:

  • From tap water – use Spring or you may prefer distilled (look into your options)
  • From water in plastic bottles – this tells your body to produce fake oestrogen’s, read Fiona’s blog for more details, here
  • From BPA – avoid buying tinned food with white lining in, that is BPA. Also found in all plastic containers and drink bottles unless “BPA Free” is written on it
  • From exhaust fumes
  • From paint fumes
  • From Chemtrails
  • From toxic relationships
  • From toxic thoughts (negative thoughts) – Get help via our Mind-detox programme.

Toxic Free Body Products

We try and test EVERYTHING we see on this site.  For the past few months we have seen skin transform itself with these amazing products.

Colloidal Body Creams for Fertility

Awakening Fertility have a growing range of body products including:

All body creams combine Colloidal Silver, MSM and other fabulous, natural ingredients. Contact us for more details

Toxic Free Beauty Products

Our Face cream range is a real winner.

Mother and Baby Raw Skin Food Beauty Products

Specially hand made in the UK for mothers and safe enough to use on babies

The product is 100% edible, natural and organic

1 – 2 months supply of:

  • Cleanser (100mL) – doubles up as gentle, non-soap body wash for baby
  • Toner that acts as a serum (100mL) – nothing astringent and can be sprayed on baby’s dry skin (leaves oil residue)
  • Moisturiser (100g)- thick natural combination of oils make for a hydrating and protective barrier against the elements of weather and pollutants

£30.00 pack + £9.00 p&p.  Get it now for just £39.00

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