Castor Oil Cleanse Kit 


The Powerfully Pure Organic Castor Oil Cleanse Kit comes with:

  1. 100% organic castor oil (200g)
  2. 100% organic hemp cloth (reusable)
  3. Cotton on one side and plastic on the other for your protective covering (reusable 2 – 3 times, you can purchase additional underlays for only £1.00 each)

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Product Description

Fertility Cleanse – Organic Castor Oil and Hemp Benefits

Helps to rebalance:
  • your hormones
  • your menstrual cycle (can help your period to return if you no longer have it)
  • ovulation 
  • your adrenal glands (to replenish your body’s batteries!) and give you lots of energy
  • your thyroid
  • your ovarian health (egg health)
  • your womb
  • and detox your liver

Additional Information

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  1. G X


    I love the fact the cloth is organic hemp and the castor oil is organic.

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