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  • Welcome to Awakening Fertility

    We are the number one organisation to enhance your fertile lifestyle. From fertility and pregnancy, to pre and post IVF support we have the solutions for you.
    Helping women and couples since 2007 who have been told the odds are against them, we look forward to helping you too.

  • Why We Are So Successful

    Whether you are seeking assistance to fall pregnant naturally or assisted our programmes are tailored to your specific needs to ensure faster fertility success. We create bespoke fertile lifestyle strategies that help you to approach fertility in a refreshingly empowering way. When you change your thoughts you change your physiology – fact.

  • Supporting you pre and post IVF

    Our Pre and Post IVF support programmes help create faster fertility success. We will help you to prepare your body and mind to improve your chances of IVF. We offer post IVF pre-natal support or, if IVF failed we can help rebalance the emotional trauma and effects on your mind and body to prepare you for a more successful subsequent round of IVF or to support you down the natural route.

  • We’ll Help You Become Fertility Fit

    Whether you have been trying for years or have just started, we have the ideal programme for you. Being fertility fit means you can reshape your body, mind and emotions into a fully fertile state. Everyone on our programme feels transformed with 77% enjoying faster fertility success and the birth of happy healthy babies.

We take the difficulty, stress and hassle out of fertility to increase and boost your chances of faster fertility success.



Awakening Fertility offers a refreshing approach to fertility

Our programme is for you if no longer want to feel:

  • Tired of trying and not falling pregnant naturally
  • Sick and tired of all the sacrifices you are going through
  • Lonely or depressed that all your other friends are having babies and you are longing for your turn to come along too
  • That you are losing hope and faith in your body’s ability to fall pregnant and give birth to a happy, healthy baby

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About Us

Fiona Kacz-Boulton, fertility specialist and leading fertility yoga teacher and trainer since 2007 is the founder of Awakening Fertility.

Fiona heads her team of hand-
picked leading professionals to ensure you get the best service possible when it comes to living a fertile lifestyle.

What makes our programme revolutionary is that it is easy and enjoyable with a 77% success rate.

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What We Can Do For You

We can help turn your life around and enjoy faster faster fertility success even if:

  • IVF did not work
  • You can not menstruate
  • Your hormones are out of balance
  • You have been told the odds are against you because of endometriosis, PCOS, low ovarian reserve, high FSH, low to non-existent AMH or fibroids

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Case Studies

Why What We Do Works

See our cross section of case studies and testimonials. Read how our unique and supportive approach gets maximum results. You do not have to do this alone. We have probably helped people just like you.

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