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Why QiYoga for Fertility?

QiYoga for fertility is hailed as the best yoga for anyone trying to conceive. It helps improve chances of conception by improving the environment of your whole reproductive system.

QiYoga helps the function of your womb so you can minimise chances of miscarriage.

QiYoga has helped hundreds of women world-wide to prepare their mind, emotions and body for fertility and pregnancy success so can probably help you too.

Whether you're looking for natural fertility solutions or to improve your chances of IVF success, QiYoga is an ideal form of support to help you achieve your dream of becoming a parent.

QiYoga for fertility is accessible to anyone anywhere around the world as well as classes in three London locations.

Free QiYoga for Fertility Online

Want Fertility Yoga in the comfort of your home?
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Fertility Yoga at Home

Fiona Boulton offers Fertility Yoga in the form of QiYoga via:

  1. Private Fertility Yoga Sessions (read below)
  2. Vimeo On Demand Yoga and Qi Gong Routines (from £9.99)
  3. Fiona's QiYoga for Fertility DVD
  4. Fertility Yoga Retreats

Fiona's uniquely formulated QiYoga: For Fertility routines have had phenomenally high success rates.  The movements help to nourish the reproductive system, ease the digestive system and release "feel good" hormones.

The combination of gentle healing movements, breathing and relaxation is all it takes to enhance blood flow and life force energy to the whole sacral band. This helps to nourish your reproductive system with fresh oxygenated blood which can improve egg health and womb function.

This means Fiona's uniquely powerful Fertility Yoga works because it offers Mind Body fertility support known to:

  1. improve your chances of transplantation success
  2. minimise miscarriages (reduce miscarriage chances)
  3. improve chances of IVF success
  4. reduce the impact of stress whilst trying to conceive (TTC)

Fun Fertility Yoga Retreat with Fiona Kacz-Boulton




Private 1-to-1 Fertility Yoga Fiona Blog image 6

  • Classes taught by Fiona Boulton (Awakening Fertility founder and yoga teacher for yoga teachers. Fiona has been teaching yoga full time since 2003 and specialises in fertility yoga. Awakening Fertility grew from the success QiYoga for Fertility was having with clients.)

Gate Pose - Fiona QiYoga for fertilityFertility Yoga Teacher Training Courses

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QiGong Healing Hands

Qi Energy Healing Courses

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