This course is based on a proven step-by-step epigenetic protocol that is tailor made to your personality so that you can integrate an enjoyable set of lifestyle tweaks (not big changes) that specifically target your fertility issues.
The methods are rooted in science and spirituality (not religious) to activate your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance system so you can understand the messages of your body and your mind (conscious and subconscious).
You will learn how to master your mind, your body and your life so you start manifesting your desires and stop manifesting your fears.
You will learn new exercises stemming from medical martial arts and therapeutic yoga. Even people that don’t like exercise love these movements.
You will nourish your digestive system, nervous system and your reproductive system for a lasting, positive improvement to your health and wellbeing.
We have a ground-breaking approach to ways you can think yourself fertile; eat yourself fertile and move yourself fertile – no matter how diverse your therapy, your fertility diet or your yoga/fertility fit exercise routines are.
This course achieves big things via small simultaneous lifestyle tweaks that you are guaranteed to enjoy.