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Please place your answers inside the box space provided within the document you are about to download:




Once you have completed the questionnaire please email it directly to me:

In doing so it will secure our session together.

Fiona Kacz-Boulton Fertility Specialist London  “The sessions are enjoyable, uplifting and incredibly helpful”

What to do next?

You will need to contact me at the time scheduled and you can do so by any means you like:

* My direct number – 07989 400 586
* FaceTime – Fiona Kacz-Boulton |
* Skype – Fiona.Kaczmarczyk (ensure you send a contact request before the session so we start on time)

How to maximise the value of our session

* Please have a pen and paper ready for the session

Cancellations and Re-scheduling

* The terms and conditions for all bookings is that if you need to reschedule please do so 48 hours beforehand

Please note, the form will be received under strict confidence and we guarentee your information is never shared.

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