According to William Walker Atkinson, author of The Solar Plexus Or Your Abdominal Brain, the Solar Plexus exercise important influence and power over your health and your vitality.

In Atkinson’s words, the Solar Plexus are “the great central storehouse of nervous energy, or life force of the physical body. It sends to organs and glands the vital life force energy which animates and energises (them). For instance, we find that the processes of digestion, assimilation, nutrition and elimination are possible only when the supply of life force is sufficient.”

Likewise it true when it comes to the circulation of blood. He continues to state that all the body’s processes are performed by the power of the life force which is sent to the organs by the Solar Plexus.

Moreover, the Solar Plexus not only send the vital force to these important physical organs, but it also exercises a control of them in a way so closely resembling a mental control that many writers have spoken of as the presence of ‘something like intelligence’ being manifested in the performance and direction of the vital process… Which has been explained under various theories of ‘unconscious mind’ (and) ‘subconscious mind.‘”

Atkinson goes on to say it is indisputable that this intelligence/mind of the Solar Plexus employs the Sympathetic Nervous System which he terms the Abdominal Brain.

Atkinson believes that this Abdominal Brain (the Solar Plexus) is the reason why the human body functions so well with so little oversight.

The book The Solar Plexus Or Your Abdominal Brain encourages you to use your thoughts create a new connection with your core energy centre (the area spanning the area beneath your sternum – your breast bone – to above your navel).

Atkinson gives instructions on how you can do this in a clear five step process.

The 5 Step Process to Awaken The Solar Plexus

Step 1:

Breathe deeply with slow regular breaths until you establish a clear rhythm.

Step 2:

Finish the exhale you are on, then take a deep inhalation and instead of exhaling, hold it for a few seconds, just to disrupt the established rhythm.

Step 3:

At the moment, when according to the established rhythm, your breath should be exhaled, instead of exhaling, use your abdominal muscles to press downward upon the ‘pit of the stomach,’ then with the same breath, draw in the same muscles so as to reverse the preceding motion.

Continue with this movement of abdominal breathing for three rounds of breath.

Step 4:

Breathe normally and rest yourself.

Step 5:

Repeat this process four more times (5 in total, but do not tire yourself out). 

This 5 Step Process to Awaken the Solar Plexus is brought to completion with your whispering words in which you command:

“Wake up Solar Plexus; Give me your attention!”


You can now open and engage in conversation with your powerful abdominal brain, speaking to your energy centre as if it were an individual who understand your commands, demands and suggestions – because it can.

This is the first step in establishing a harmonious relationship with all they organs and systems of your body. 

Your conversation will be establishing a clear partnership between your conscious mind (your thinking mind – which governs your parasympathetic nervous system) and your subconscious mind (which governs your sympathetic nervous system).

This is laying the powerful foundation of taking control over your thoughts, your body and your life.


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