Trying to Conceive During the Festive Season?

Just because you are trying to conceive or prepare your body for IVF success, it does not mean you have to have a boring festive season.

It also does not mean you have to stress about what to do when offered alcohol or deep-fried processed foods or sugary treats.

Have a read of the five fertility tips to help you through this festive season without drawing attention to yourself:

My 5 Fertility Tips to Keep You Fertile During the Festive Season

(Pssst! These fertility tips are not as daunting as you think, in fact, I think you’ll find them empowering and fun!)

Please note, the older you are or if you have suffered miscarriages then sticking to these five fertility tips are imperative if you want to experience faster fertility success in the new year

Tip #1

Have fun!

Having fun does not mean going crazy and eating or drinking yourself to oblivion. You can have fun without drinking… And if you can’t have fun without drinking, water down a single glass of your preferred poison and sip on it throughout the night.

Tip #2

Mind over matter!

Never under-estimate the power of the mind! If you are offered something you love to eat (like that deep-fried chemical and preservative laden party food) then enjoy one or two pieces and tell yourself: “I’m eating this because I really enjoy it. I love myself and love the taste of this food.”

Most of us eat the food and feel guilty or worse still we tell ourselves ‘this is so bad for me.’ The brain is incredibly powerful and by saying those words out loud or in your head you are re-inforcing that this is damaging for your body and your fertility.

Remember the vibration of joy moving through your cells will help to optimise your fertility.

If I put you on the world’s most fertile diet but you were not happy, then your chances of fertility success would not be as great… So please, enjoy yourself and love every mouthful or sip you take.

Tip #3

Help your body clear out the alcohol and junk food!

Give your body a helping hand to clear out the effects of alcohol and junk food the next day with:

  • Organic Activated Charcoal or Organic Activated Bamboo  (consume when you get home with a big glass of clean water).
  • Drink organic beetroot juice to help cleanse and purify your blood.
  • Go green! Eat lots of organic greens, drink green smoothies and get a liver support supplement to help your liver deal with the impact of the alcohol, processed foods, synthetic preservatives, sugars and other toxins
  • Do a Castor Oil Cleanse, read how and all the benefits here…
  • Marine Phytoplankton capsules to help you get over a hangover (but you won’t be drinking that much… will you!?) You can get them via my Powerfully Pure store here, they are 100% organic. I recommend 4 – 7 veg capsules in the morning. They are a million times better than Berocca!

If you’d like to receive 10% off all these recommended organic supplements, let me know in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

Tip #4

Take a deep breath!

Deep breathing is your body’s natural way of detoxifying. By breathing deep it can help you remain calm and confident when people ask you “Why aren’t you drinking?” Or “Why are you staying in control?”  Or “Are you on a diet?”

To remain empowered during these questions that only make you feel nervous and self-conscious, breathe as deeply as you can (right down to your abdomen); stand with your feet parallel (not flared); and have your body weight even across both feet. You will feel your inner strength shine through and will remain calm and confident with your reply.

Tip #5

Fertility Mind Mastery

You are the master of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and body. So, in the first 20 minutes when you wake I recommend you:

  • Listen to powerful motivation audios –  like this one here, (this link also offers fertility fitness videos of fertility yoga routines and Qi Gong routines!) to help you reshape the map that your mind has of your body; to help you step into your power and control of your fertility journey – especially during tough times.
  • Meditate – Fertility Meditation is targeted to specifically get you fertility results. Meditate in the mornings throughout the festive season (and beyond) to keep your body in a fertile state. My Online Fertile Lifestyle Course has over 100 fertility meditations to suit your specific mood + fertility situation + personality type so you are guaranteed to be able to meditate and get results.

Feel Happy Trying to Conceive

Know You’re on the Right Path to Fertility Success

If you want to begin to feel happy on your fertility journey whilst trying to conceive and if you want to know you are on the right path to have your baby then I can help. Book a private consultation with me today.

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