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Ready to balance your hormones and boost your mood as well as fertility?

To improve your chances of faster fertility success I have created a mini Womb Blessing Meditation for you to enjoy.

Ready to assist conception, deepen bonds of love and ignite sexual intimacy (libido)?

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This 14.27 minute meditation will help you to connect to your womb, your femininity, your grace, your wisdom and to Mother Nature’s life giving forces. This is easy to do, even for first time or beginner meditators. Created for everyone to enjoy.


Why Surrender to the Moon for Healing

When you surrender to the moon’s healing ‘yin’ energy it can bring you to a place of reflection… To stop looking outwardly and start looking at the answers that are all available inwardly.Gratitude Quote (Oprah)

It is a good time to be grateful for what you have achieved whilst trying to conceive on your fertility journey to motherhood. By stopping and being grateful it gives you the power and ability to make room for more things to be grateful for. Gratitude is the recipe for abundance.

When you are in a state of abundance it means you are able to go with the flow of life and things come easily to you. So, embrace fluidity of mind and body. Move gracefully and with ease as you embrace the water element in your internal and external environment.

How This Womb Blessing Meditation Works 

  1. This Womb Blessing meditation has been designed to re-kindle your ability to procreate.
  2. This meditation will allow you to heal, rejuvenate, restore and rebalance the ability to function optimally to help you get pregnant and stay pregnant.
  3. Enjoy a happier, healthier womb, for this is a time to let go of unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions so you can open and soften and receive all the joy life has to offer.
  4. This meditation may also be used to help ignite your femininity.
Listen Sitting Up

– If you sit up to listen you will deepen the experience (this will keep you in a meditative state)

Listen Lying Down

– If you lie down this will be a relaxation.

Maximise Healing Effects of This Womb Meditation

You can intensify the healing of your womb (and the whole of your endocrine system) by lying down and applying the Powerfully Pure Organic Hemp and Castor Oil Cleanse.

This helps to rebalance:
  • your hormones
  • your menstrual cycle (can help your period to return if you no longer have it)
  • ovulation
  • your adrenal glands (to replenish your body’s batteries!) and give you lots of energy
  • your thyroid
  • your ovarian health (egg health)
  • your womb
  • and detox your liver

All you need to do is apply this special oil and a hot water bottle to your abdomen whilst you listen. Here is a link for more details–

For Better Womb Health and Egg Health

In addition to this fertility meditation (above), if you are serious about better womb health and egg health there are a few lifestyle tweaks you can enjoy. Just refer to my handbook called “Better Womb Health and Egg Health.”  Or click below to get in touch with a one-off complimentary online consultation.

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About the author:

Fiona Boulton is a world-renowned Fertility Healer. (An expert in her field since 2007) specialising in:

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