Where to start your fertility journey

It does not take long before you find yourself going through the following:

  • You feel more and more anxious every month that goes by “hoping” that this is the month you eventually fall pregnant… Sinking into a deflated state of disappointment when you find out you did not conceive naturally, again
  • You put more and more pressure on your partner to make love at the “right time” which soon dampens the passion between you
  • You begin to do your research into new avenues to boost your fertility. You may try natural therapies or seeing what the doctors can do to assist you… This may find you at log-a-heads between what your beliefs dictate and what your options are (which can be even more stressful!)


Wouldn’t it be easier to find a place that supports and guides you step-by-step down a path with high success rates?

This is what we offer at Awakening Fertility. No matter where you are on your journey we invite you to join us now – it is not too late.

Most of our clients come to us completely exhausted (physically, mentally and emotionally).

Most of our clients come to us after they have failed their first round of IVF and need the comfort, support, a mind-detox as well as physiological changes to get back on track so that round two of IVF or natural fertility can work. (See Post-IVF)

We take all the stress out of knowing what path is best for you; whether you could benefit from acupuncture to reflexology, from stress management breath-work courses to fertility QiYoga.

We offer full support via The Fertile Lifestyle that helps to re-empower you along every step of your fertility journey.


We can help you:

  • To dissolve trauma and blockages that are preventing you from falling pregnant and giving birth to a happy, healthy baby
  • To get your body back into a fertile state
  • To help you connect to the messages your body is telling you
  • To help you rekindle your intuitive wisdom system so you know the best decisions to make for you


Contact us today for your 30 minute complimentary consultation – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!