Miscarriage Support

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Miscarriage Support When Trying to Get Pregnant


No matter whWoman Cryingat you are feeling or whatever your circumstances for miscarrying, you can be assured in the knowing that you are not alone: it is likely other people will have felt the same way.



You do not need to suffer in silence

Your feelings after pregnancy loss are usually ones that include

  1. Shock
  2. Deep loss
  3. Immense sadness
  4. Anger
  5. Anxiety
  6. Above all – confusion


These feelings are natural and to be expected after your pregnancy loss – they play an integral part of your grieving process.


Stages of Miscarriage Emotions


Confusion seems to be consistently there through your stages of grief: How one minute you are experiencing the highs of being a mother – planning your ‘little bundle of joy’s arrival,’ and your new addition to your family… to being told the saddest words a parent could ever hear.


Shock is one of your first emotions you endure after the horror of hearing you have miscarried. This can leave you feeling numb and empty as are part of you feels gone for ever.


Deep, deep loss is then experienced. Each person displays their loss individually. Try not to ‘busy and distract yourself’ from feeling these emotions. At this stage mindfulness and meditation is the best medication. It is best to sit with them and let them pass in due course instead of burying the feelings by pre-occupying yourself with busy-ness. The sooner you get over your loss the sooner your wellbeing will improve.




Deep loss triggers immense sadness and this is the lowest and most debilitating of emotions. Energetically it keeps your chakras and energy field suppressed, in turn weakening your immune system and making you susceptible to more suffering through illness – aches, pains, colds and flu, etc.


Anger can be expected as you re-ignite the fire within. Anger is therapeutic as long as it is not directed at yourself.  Instead, it is normal to feel anger at the loss of your baby and anger at the situation you find yourself in. Keep letting it out, try not to bottle it up or it will have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing – especially your liver, urinary tract and digestive system.


Anxiety is the next level of emotions felt when you have overcome the tragedy of miscarriage and feel ready to try again.


The important thing to remember is that your fear around the outcome of another miscarriage can potentially create future miscarriages. To prevent this, it is recommended you have a few mind-detox sessions. This is one of the key aspects to our Fertile Lifestyle Programmes for clients who need effective miscarriage support.


Although you can find solace on numerous blog sites reading other people’s shared stories of miscarriage, it won’t be the solution to preventing further miscarriages.


We at Awakening Fertility have created a 4 Step Miscarriage Support Programme in a way that offers you the support that often friends and family are not equipped to give you.


Our 4 Step Miscarriage Support Programme

To help you recover, rejuvenate and re-try from a better place

Did you know that trauma counselling with a miscarriage and fertility expert is an effective way to help you move from where you are to where you want to be with your fertility?


  • We offer a 3 hour session with Katharin Gailard (fertility and miscarriage specialist) of MamaBe
  • Located at our Clapham Clinic called Fairlee or in the comfort of your home £275.00. [Travel expenses may be incurred depending on your location].


Did you know there are delicious herbs and easy to swallow tablets that our affiliate herbalist can assemble for you?

– No matter how you miscarried or at what stage you miscarried.   These herbs do not have to be boiled and prepared by you. Take the stress out of the situation and enjoy the easy way to recovery.


  • We offer herbalist and acupuncture sessions with Kate Freemantle (fertility and miscarriage specialist) of Acuworks. £60.00.
  • Located at the Clapham Common Clinic on Saturdays as well as her Streatham Clinic with a reduced price of £50.00 mid-week


Did you know that mastering mindfulness can help create peace, joy and positivity in the here and now moment, thereby helping your future to have the same outcome as the present?


  • QiYoga for Miscarriage Support includes mindfulness, breath work and specialised meditation techniques (with Awakening Fertility founder Fiona Kacz-Boulton). £135.00 for a 90 minute session*

*included at no additional cost within the Fertile Lifestyle Programme (for those seriously trying to get pregnant)


Did you know traditional healing in Hawaii is through their unique style of massage?

  • Hawaiin Lomi-Lomi massage with Zanna Parkinson founder of Huna Quest is designed for deep, transformational healing. Allow 2 hours £90.00.
  • Located at our Clapham Clinic Fairlee


4 step programme £475 save £85 when all four steps are purchased here

Or contact us for guidance on which person is best to assist you if on a budget.

Miscarriage Cleansing

Happy Abdomen for Healthy Digestive System and Fertility

You may like to consider doing a cleanse after your miscarriage


Cleanses can make you feel healed inside and out. Not only do cleanses help your body to repair itself and return to a better state of health and wellbeing, but the cleansing process helps you release emotionally too.


Recommended Cleanses for Miscarriages

The Fertility Recipe Book 2nd EditionThe cleanses we recommend are listed in detail in our Fertility Recipe Book (with over 100 fertility enhancing recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, smoothies and desserts).

 You could try:

  1. The Liver Flush Cleanse
  2. The MSM Cleanse – purchase MSM here
  3. The Candle Gazing Cleanse – purchase organic, non-toxic fertility candles here


Note – These links are in no way meant to diagnose or cure you.  Remember to consult your doctor first.

For more miscarriage support, get in touch – we can help you alleviate your distress and discomfort compassionately… And to help if you are trying to get pregnant sooner rather than later