Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course

Fun Fertility Yoga Retreat with Fiona Kacz-Boulton

For people wanting to be a Fertility Yoga Instructor

Awakening Fertility’s comprehensive Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course is divided into two streams over 5 weekends.



  • 6 month fertility yoga teacher qualification
  • Learn one-on-one privately in your own time

Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course  

For existing yoga teachers only
Supplement your skills with a new understanding of:
  1. How energy flows
  2. How to clear blocked energy and how to cultivate it
  3. How to integrate all aspects of the energy field into a state of harmony
  4. How to help the systems of the body function via specific yoga sequences:
    • Cardiovascular system
    • Immune system
    • Digestive system
    • Central Nervous System
    • Endocrine System – because hormonal issues are on the rise and contributing to
      • Uncontrollable weight gain
      • Mood imbalances
      • Sleep difficulties
      • Thyroid problems and
      • Fatigue
  5. How to bring Qi (life force energy) into people’s physiology to enhance fertility
  6. How to teach fertility yoga postures (asanas), understanding why and how they work so effectively
  7. How to teach fertility yoga to people with different fitness and flexibility levels
  8. How to teach fertility yoga to people with different ailments (HBP/LBP, injuries, etc.)

Responsibilities and Demands of a Fertility Yoga Teacher

Training in Fertility Yoga needs to be comprehensive.

When people attend fertility yoga classes they expect results – big results! Fast results!

For this reason Fertility Yoga is not something to take lightly and it is not your standard yoga CPD course.

To help your future students (clients) get fertility results you need to understand how to heal. Yoga in itself is a lifestyle designed to heal and re-harmonise the body but the physical postures (asanas) are only 1/8 of “yoga.” This is exemplified in the 8 Limbs of Yoga.

Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course with QiYoga Founder Fiona Kacz-Boulton
The 8 Limbs of Yoga

The 8 Limbs of Yoga clearly spells out the complete meaning of yoga: to achieve bliss through deep integration. By embracing all aspects of yoga you will achieve better (faster) results with your fertility clients. This is essential because your fertility clients will be under extreme time pressures which they will put onto you. With comprehensive training you will graduate as a confident and competent teacher who will understand how to re-harmonise, re-balance, de-stress and turn fertility back on through the combination of two healing arts: yoga of India “Hatha” and “Luna” as well as Yoga of the Orient – the medical and meditative form of martial arts called “Qi gong.”

Don’t just do any Fertility Yoga Course

Choose Awakening Fertility’s “QiYoga for Fertility” Teacher Training Course because that is proven to work. You will graduate with an understanding of the scientific and spiritual wisdom and more importantly you can be confident in your teaching skills and abilities.

Book now

Taking enrolments now

  • For April Start (2017)
  • For September Start (2017)
This is a 6 day course over 5 weekends
  • £2,950.00 if paid via part payment over 5 months
  • Early Bird Price (by Monday 6th February 2017) £2,500.00
Pre-Requisite Healing Course for Fertility Yoga Teacher Training

February: Qi Energy Healing Course – Level 1

  • Saturday 9:30am – 3:30pm (includes 1 hour lunch break)
  • Bring your own lunch. Cost £350.00 – full details here

March: Qi Energy Healing Course – Level 2

  • Saturday 9:30am – 3:30pm (includes 1 hour lunch break)
  • Bring your own lunch. Cost £350.00 – full details here

April: Fertility Bootcamp and QiYoga Teacher Training

  • Saturday 10:00am – 6:30pm
  • Bring your own lunch. Cost £966.00 – covering all content listed above, as well as manual and three eBooks

May: Qi Energy Healing Retreat – Level 3

  • Saturday 10:00am – Sunday 4:00pm
  • Full board and meals provided. Cost £899.00 – full details here

June: QiYoga Teacher Training Theoretical and Practical Exams

  • Saturday morning Healing practical exam. Cost £285.00
  • Saturday afternoon 1:00- 6:30pm.

1:00 – 2:00pm – Theory Exam

2:00 – 2:15pm – Mark exam and discuss answers

2:30 – 3:30 – Person A performs practical exam

3:30 – 3:45pm – Group feedback

3:45 – 4:45pm – Person B performs practical exam

4:45 – 5:00pm – Group feedback

5:00 – 6:00pm – Person C performs practical exam

6:00 – 6:15pm – Group feedback

Graduation dinner at 7:00pm

Be a Confident Yoga Teacher with Qi Yoga Teacher Training

Ready to Become a Confident Fertility Yoga Teacher?

Step 1:
Email your credentials, letting us know your background in yoga and why you want to do the course, here
Step 2:
Once you have been accepted onto the course, pay your £450.00 deposit (follow instructions on received invoice) to secure your place – spaces limited. The £450.00 covers your Level 1 Healing Course (£350.00) and £100.00 non-refundable deposit for your place on the QiYoga Teacher Training Course. As you can see places are limited to 3 teachers per course so you get 1-to-1 attention and are guaranteed to graduate competently and confidently.

Option to Study in Your Own Time and Own Pace

You can complete this course via correspondence in your own time at your own pace. Most people complete within 6 months but the shortest time was 2 months by someone who was not working and could focus solely on the course.
  • Individual Pre-requisite Healing Course Prices are listed here
  • Individual Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course Price is £2,250.00

Fertility Specialist Training Summarised

In a nutshell fertility yoga works when given the best training. This course has been running since 2006.
Did you know fertility yoga is much more effective when you can include other aspects of yoga, not just asanas (yoga postures)? Furthermore, your clients will require more than yoga for faster fertility success.
Yoga, to people in the West is considered to be postures (stretches) however this is only 1/8 of what yoga is about.  Yoga means union – coming into whole – and the physical postures are a tool to bring the physical, mental and emotional aspects of self into balance.
Other aspects of yoga include meditation, mind mastery techniques and more.You will learn these techniques so you can offer in-depth transformation to help “turn fertility on” for your fertility clients.

Balance = harmony and in harmony you create fertility

Additional Training

Fertility Specialist Coaching Course  

Enjoyable Skype Coaching SessionsFor therapists with a base skill that can be used to facilitate a fertility business

Fertility Coaching is the perfect combination to complete your fertility yoga skill set – equipping you with the expertise to run your own fertility yoga business.

The Fertility Specialist Coaching Course runs in May and June 2017

For more information about this course, click here