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In this day and age the team at Awakening Fertility understand you are busy and probably don't want to waste time or energy travelling but want real solutions guaranteed to help you improve your fertility .

For this reason Fiona offers a large choice of fertility webinars, fertility seminars and fertility workshops all online in video/audio format so you can enjoyably immerse yourself in fertility tips and techniques when you want and where you want.

If you are ready to easily transform your fertility then you'll enjoy our online support solutions... Your fertility journey does not have to be a difficult or confusing one anymore.


Can't Make Our Fertility Detox Retreats? (See dates)

You can purchase the informative talks and workshops:

DETOXIFY AND "LET GO" (2 Parts, 2 hours)

When you detox you help your body clear out the "old stuff" which will allow "the new" to come. This talk helps you release from anything in life that is holding you back: mentally or emotionally. (£67.00)


Experience how to draw your baby to you through your magnetic sexuality. (£67.00)


By understanding more about who you are you can then begin to make peace with what you hate/dislike/have not yet forgiven (about yourself and regarding others) to help you free these things blocking your baby coming. (£47.00)


Our World-Renowned Faster Fertility Success Seminar

The Untold Factors That Are Guaranteed to Change Your Chances 

This interactive workshop-style seminar will help you implement new fertile lifestyle strategies that suit your personality, your energy levels and your time frame to help you achieve faster fertility success.

It focuses on helping you create and keep on track with your fertility goals.

It gives you a new and refreshing look at manifestation strategies and stress management strategies

Suitable for women and couples.

Duration: 2 hours

Investment: £97.00 (and yours to keep forever)

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Specialist Fertility Support - Online Seminars and Workshops

Below are a list of single fertility support topics only £47.00 and yours to keep forever

Pre-order now and receive the audio and video file straight to your inbox.

Don't let your fertility struggles get you down, now you can take back control and enjoy living a fertile lifestyle with some strategies guaranteed to work.


  1. Fertility Help for Cysts and PCOS Sufferers 

  2. Fertility Help for Endometriosis and Fibroids Sufferers 

  3. Fertility Help for Over 40's 

  4. Fertility Help for Unexplained Infertility 

  5. Fertility Help for Miscarriage Sufferers 






  1. Fertility Help for Women Anxious About Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant 

  2. Fertility Help for Couples Trying to a Have Happy, Healthy Baby

  3. Fertility Help - Manage Stress to Prevent it Impacting Fertility

  4. Fertility Help for Anyone Sick and Tired of Trying to Conceive and Not Getting Results 


  1. Fertility Help - Learn How to Read Food Labels and other Product Labels 

  2. Fertility Help - Making the Journey to Parenthood Easier 



Free Support for You to Heal and Rebalance and Clear Obstacles to Fertility

If there is a topic you would like to receive help with, please join Fiona's Fertility Help FaceBook group for Fiona's free support . 
(Don't worry this is private and closed to the general public because we understand your fertility journey is a private one)