The Best Fertility Retreats in the UK

Designed for you if you want to enjoy a powerful combination of proven mind-body therapies that have helped hundreds of others to reconnect to higher energies and (finally) have the baby they have longed for.

This "Ultimate Fertility Boost" retreat is for you if:

  • Month after month you are hoping (and praying) that "this is the month" you get a positive pregnancy test or you want to give yourself the best chance possible to to get pregnant and stay pregnant.
  • You want to re-balance yourself, to feel renewed and rejuvenated to re-charge your batteries.
  • You want to make the journey to parenthood easier, more enjoyable and faster
  • You want to activate deep cellular healing and re-calorbrate your mind and body to create the change necessary to get pregnant and stay pregnant.
  • You want to feel in control of your life and your fertility.
  • You want to know how to get pregnant in this fast paced day and age in ways that have worked for others like you.
  • You realise the value of nurturing yourself, detoxifying yourself and allowing space for your body to heal and turn off stress so you can turn fertility on.

What Makes Awakening Fertility Retreats the Best Fertility Retreats?

  • The results.
  • The fun, uplifting experience.
  • The physical, mental and emotional transformation.
  • The inspiration and motivation.
  • The nurturing.
  • The restoring of health and wellbeing.
  • The new knowledge that is easily applied to your life to help you live a fertile lifestyle after the retreat (with take-home support strategies).

Each person is assessed prior to the retreat to ensure that the retreat is catered specifically to your needs and requirements... This is what guarantees better results than other retreats.



Awakening Fertility Yoga & Healing Retreats Hosted by Fiona Boulton

Fiona is UK's most successful natural fertility expert who helps 80% of all her clients give birth to happy, healthy babies.

Fiona personally teachers: QiYoga, Fertility Meditations and Qi Healing as well as nutrition, lifestyle support, fertility coaching, fertility mind-set training, self-nurturing practices and self fertility massage.

Fiona brings in highly trained experts to offer aromatherapy, massage and reflexology to ensure everyone on the retreat feels refreshed, revitalised and renewed.


Been told to stop trying and just relax?

If you have been told to "stop trying and just relax" in order to have a baby... Then coming to Fiona's Awakening Fertility Retreats are just the thing you need to help you with strategies, tools and techniques to help you effortlessly enjoy your fertility journey trying to conceive.


Spring & Summer Weekend Fertility Retreats in West Dean


Our Nurturing & Healing Fertility Retreats are fully inclusive of: 

  • Scrumptious buffet-style fertility lunches and dinner (in private dining room as pictured above)
  • Fertility refreshments
  • Fertility snacks


Our Fertility Nurturing & Healing Retreats include (with no more to pay):

  • Massage: deep tissue for tension relief; lymphatic drainage for detoxing; hot stone for relaxation
  • Self-Fertility Massage (for women)
  • Reflexology
  • Healing
  • Deep Detox: combines an Ionic Foot Spa with an infra-red belt to wear around your sacral band.
    • Increases cellular regeneration to detoxify your secondary organs: your kidneys and liver (which directly influence your reproductive health)
    • Helps to heal your heart and improve your circulation (which is essential for facilitating fertility)
    • Draws out toxins and reduces inflammation (which hinder fertility so it advisable for anyone serious about boosting their fertility)
  • QiYoga for Fertility (renowned as the best style of yoga to help people get pregnant, see here)
  • Fertility Meditations (take home the recorded meditations from the retreat)
  • Informative Talks/Workshops with transformative strategies for fertility solutions relevant to the retreat's topic (so you leave the retreat and know how to implement what you experienced on the weekend)

What else makes us unique and your experience extra special?

Numbers are kept small to allow for personalised attention and to guarantee that each person who comes to retreat will feel the powerful transformative benefits.

Come along and enjoy nurturing food and beverages as well as ways you can enhance self-healing and feel able to 'let go and relax.'

You will leave the retreat feeling like a new person, ready to embrace new beginnings after a weekend of non-stop pampering and stress release techniques.

Schedule of events at the Nurturing & Healing Fertility Retreats in May/June


Arrive, settle in to you accommodation (90 min drive from London or 90 min train ride from Waterloo and Clapham Junction).


Remember, everything is optional, so if you want to sleep or journal or sit in the picturesque gardens you can.

9:00am  Welcome and Overview of Weekend   
9:15am Fertility Yoga and Fertility Meditation Person A

Therapeutic Treatment: Massage and/or Reflexology (9:15 - 10:30)

10:30am Morning Tea (fertility herbal blends) Person B Therapeutic Treatment Massage and/or Reflexology   (10:30 - 11:45)
11:00am Self Healing: Learn to heal yourself through massage, acupressure points and essential oils

Person C Ionic Footspa
11:45am Informative Talk/Workshop: GENTLE DETOX
When you detox you help your body clear out the "old stuff" which will allow "the new" to come. Not only you clear physical blockages but we'll help you release from anything in life that is holding you back: mentally or emotionally.
Person A and B will also enjoy a relaxing Detox Ionic Foot Spa during the talk
Person C Therapeutic Treatment Massage and/or Reflexology (11:45 - 1:00)
1:00pm Buffet Lunch (fertility enriching)  
2:30pm De-stress & stillness breathing

Techniques learnt in the gardens

Person D
Therapeutic Treatment Massage and/or Reflexology and Ionic Footspa (2:15 - 4:00) in their room
4:00pm Afternoon Tea (fertility herbal blends)

4:30pm Yoga, Meditation and Self Healing

 6:00pm  Buffet Dinner (fertility enriching)  
7:00pm Individual Q&A with Fiona  


9:00am  Q&A Person A Reflexology or Lymphatic Drainage (8:30 - 9:00)
9:15am QiGong, Meditation and Communing

In nature

Person B Reflexology or Lymphatic Drainage (9:00 - 9:30)

Person C Reflexology or Lymphatic Drainage (9:30 - 10:00)

Person D Reflexology or Lymphatic Drainage (10:00 - 10:30)

10:30am Kingley Vale Nature Walk Meditation and Hike  
1:30pm Buffet Lunch (fertility enriching)  
2:45pm Q&A  
3:30pm Home Time  

What is included in the Nurturing & Healing Fertility Retreat?

Everything except accommodation. You can choose to stay on site in the accommodation at the West Dean College's B&B student dorms, or you can walk a few meters down the road and stay at The Dean Inn B&B or stay somewhere more special (at the dog friendly White Horse B&B which is a 10 minute drive away or the deluxe Spread Eagle Lodge which is an 18 minute drive away).

When is the next Nurturing & Healing Fertility Retreat?

  • April 14th & 15th (couples and women's retreat)
  • May 5th & 6th (women's retreat)
  • Or come along to both retreats and enjoy the 2nd retreat half price!

Location of Our Nurturing & Healing Fertility Retreat

West Dean College
West Dean - The Edward James Foundation
West Dean
West Sussex
PO18 0QZ
+44 (0)1243 811301

Images and feedback from some of past Fertility Yoga Retreats

"Such a life-changing experience I had and I shared with others on the same journey. Thanks Fiona!"

- Rosemary Greenway

"Wow, I feel amazing. I feel happier than I have in a long time... A genuine, depth of happiness which says a lot because I have actually been feeling really deflated and down while trying to conceive. I am so glad I came. Thank you Fiona for all the positivity and inspiration. I feel genuinely uplifted!"

- Nicole Mathers

"I can now see the brighter side of my fertility journey. What a wonderful experience. I loved the QiYoga, it was so deep, so healing and I felt the benefits on my mood instantly."

- Judy Simons

"Loved every millisecond! Loved the venue, the food, the moves, the talks, the healings. Thank you for the love Fiona and everyone that made it so brilliant."

- Katie Smallman

"The facials were fabulous, the yoga felt fabulous, the food was fabulous, the indoor and outdoor meditations were fabulous and most of all the company and laughs we shared were fabulous. Just fabulous!"

- Ellen Harvey

"We went to Fiona's retreat feeling exhausted, disheartened and worn out. We wanted our spark back between us and in our lives... And we got it!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Belinda Stoltz

If you are interested in attending in Spring (April/May) or Summer (June/July/August) then get in touch with Fiona directly: 07989 400 586 because numbers are limited at this stunning West Dean Venue.


  • £887.00 per person

For all of Fiona's existing clients, you save £200.00 per person!

You can become a client from only £97.00 when you book a telephone or online (Skype | FaceTime | Zoom) fertile lifestyle consultation here

  • £687.00 per person

Fertility Detox Retreat Payment Options