Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation

Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation for Fertility

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When trying to get pregnant we often find ourselves venturing into things we would have never dreamed of… But most of these things are ways in which we can live a happier, healthier life.  These things can also give us a greater perspective on life.

What greater perspective can we get than when we allow ourselves to experience meditation?

Is relaxation a type of meditation?

What is Relaxation?

Relaxation for Fertility with Fiona of QiYoga

Relaxation is a method or technique used to relax your mind and body

Although it feels relaxing, things such as drinking alcohol, watching TV, watching a DVD, going to the cinema etc. are not forms that put your mind and body in a relaxed state.

Relaxation includes (but not limited to) things such as breathing techniques to help you relax, listening to relaxing music whilst sitting or lying.

Relaxation is the pre-curser to meditation and shares similar techniques with Mindfulness Training.

Experience Mindfulness with these videos –

Part 1 of Mindfulness Techniques via an instructional video, click here

Part 2 below:

What is Mindfulness?

To quote one of the world’s most famous Mindfulness teachers, Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh

“Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment”… Read more and get Mindfulness Tips here

Yoga Nidra for Fertility with QiYoga founder Fiona

What is Mindfulness for Fertility?



This eBook is an easy to read guide that gives you a step by step guide how to meditate and manifest via Mindfulness techniques.

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There are meditations offered for all kinds of minds so you can learn how to meditate or fine tune your meditation and mindfulness skills.

What is Meditation for fertility?

How do you meditate to fall pregnant?  

How do you meditate to boost fertility?

These may seem like big questions but did you know you can “Think Yourself Fertile”? (Read more here).

Meditation helps you to train your mind to be still, to be focused on a single point and in doing so it puts your body in healing mode.  This is how meditation can help you to fall pregnant.

There are various types of meditation:

  1. Guided meditations – see here
  2. Psychic sleep meditations – see here
  3. Candle Gazing meditations – see here
  4. 20 minute silent mantra meditations – read below

Guide Points For Deep Silent Mantra Meditation

  1. The number one rule is to be comfortable, with your back supported.  All meditation except Yoga Nidra needs to be done seated. Ideally sit cross-legged with something supporting the back of your head so you don’t let it tilt backwards or forwards.  No need to sit erect (with tense muscles used to support you) allow cushions and pillows to pad your back.
    • The best time to meditate is in the morning before breakfast (ideally dawn) followed by in the afternoon before dinner (dusk). Regularity of time, place and practice are important.
    • Create a meditation space, a sacred space. Try to have a separate room for meditation. Every time you go to meditate the powerful vibrations will increase, creating an atmosphere of peace and purity when you enter your meditation space.
    • When sitting, face North or East in order to take advantage of the earth’s magnetic vibrations.
  2. Before beginning your meditation, bring yourself into the here and now moment.  To do so you will need to get grounded.
    • You can ground yourself with these QiYoga exercises if you are having trouble keeping your mind still, here.
    • You can also bring your awareness to your sitting bones grounded to the earth by (imagining you are) sitting on the earth.  Feel your connection deepen to Mother Earth as you visualise her core connecting to your core and vice verser.
  3. Feel the breath pumping gently at your abdomen and imagine a bubble of protection around you.  The energy starts at your core and emanates two metres in front of your abdomen; from your core out through your crown and two meters above you; then from your core two meters out behind you; and finally from your core (your seed centre) to the seed centre of Mother Earth. Connect these end points and see yourself in a bubble of protection.
  4. Consciously regulate the breath. Some days this may mean five minutes of deep abdominal breathing to bring oxygen to the brain – depending on how distracted your mind is when you first sit down to relax before meditating.
  5. Keep your beginning breaths rhythmic, inhale for seven slow seconds and exhale for seven. Regulation of breath also regulates the flow of vital life force energy. (See Mindfulness breathing videos above)
  6. Allow the mind to wander at first. Simply observe where your mind is going and  DISCONNECT from the attachments by stating “I disconnect” and visualise you are cutting the cords.
  7. Feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into a relaxed state with a Rotational Awareness of Consciousness – simply bring your awareness to all areas of our body and relax your body one section at a time.
  8. Don’t force the mind to be still, instead use your Mantra to still your mind.  Simply repeat it mentally. If you don’t have a personalised Mantra, use Quan Yin (name of the Goddess of Fertility) or Gaia (Mother Earth).
    • Although mental repetition is stronger, the Mantra may be repeated aloud if you become drowsy.
    • Never change the Mantra during your meditation.
    • Repetition will keep your thoughts at bay.  When you realise you are thinking repeat your Mantra; when you realise you are repeating your Mantra let it go and sink into a state of nothingness, of peace, of bliss.
  9. If your eyes ping open during your meditation, look at an analogue clock face at eye level in front of you and train yourself to hold your meditation for 20 minutes by instructing your body to open your eyes when the big hand reaches the number that signifies 20 minutes has passed.

Fertility Meditation Tips and Courses

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